Monday, March 16, 2020

Parent Information for students

We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.
We have been putting together some ideas to help your children over the next few weeks.  Work will not be graded and it is not required, although we highly suggest students get some sort of ELA and math practice daily. 
Suggestions for your child:
*Google Classrooms.(We have posted optional assignments)
* A daily schedule (Example is attached)
 *Daily reading: Choose a chapter book to read and keep a summary journal in Google Docs. I'd love to read about everyone's books!!📚😀
*Daily IXL (Important skill practice. Each child has an account. Teachers have starred important lessons) 

Please check your email to see a daily schedule that may help keep you and your children on track throughout the day.

Mrs. Patterson's Google Classroom

Monday, November 25, 2019

Hello Team 5-1 Families- 

We are heading into a short week and following with a 3 week stretch leading up to the Winter Break. We wanted to inform you of some things happening at DMS and especially on Team 5-1. 

  • Trumpet of the Swan- ELA & Science- Students have been working on a cross curricular project connecting the novel they are reading with the content in Science. Students will be presenting their projects on Tuesday as a group. We are so excited to see the end result. Please take some time to ask them what they have been doing. 
  • You Inc "Adopt a Child for Christmas"- We will be collecting money for our students to help a child in need this Christmas. Ms. Patrock has been collecting for children in need and we thought it would be great for our students to support this valuable program. We will be helping out a Boy age 2 who is asking for Toy cars, LeapFrog Toy, Clothes/PJs 2T., if you are able, please send in an item or a cash donation. Contact us ASAP if you plan to do this.  Please send in what you can so we can support this great cause. If you have additional interest in this program run by Ms. Patrock her contact is
  • IXL expectations - We are asking students to work on IXL during the week at home. For Math, I post several skills to practice, students should practice for 30 minutes per week/weekend. Students should have this written in their agenda or you can find it on the blog. Their score goal is 80% but it is more important to spend the time not focus on the goal. I would suggest 15 minutes one day and 15 minutes on another day. For ELA- students will be asked to focus on one lesson per week following the 80% goal. 
  • Behavior Expectations - I have attached the step plan as a reminder of our plan. We try to solve problems quickly and focus on teaching students to make the best choices, when that does not happen we will use the step plan if needed. 
  • Penguin Day - We will have a Penguin Day celebration on December 21st. Black & white food snacks are requested (or goldfish) etc. We will be sending home a notice with students soon for parents to sign up to send things in. Please be on the lookout for a paper in your child's folder following Thanksgiving break.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Thank you so much for your children our students, 

We wish you a very Happy Holiday with family & friends. 

Mrs. Miglionico & Mrs. Patterson 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Welcome Team 5-1 DMS families! 19-20

Hello Team 5-1 Parents and Families! Welcome to a new school year 2019-2020!

We will be sharing information with parents on our blog frequently to let you know what is happening at school. Please be sure to check the homework as we will list the assignments for the week. Students should complete homework for 30 minutes each subject and we will only give Math and ELA homework each night. Students will also have to prepare and study for tests. Science and History Tests will be listed in advance of the test date, as well as Math and ELA assessments.  As a rule this will be their daily homework, as tests, quizzes and projects arise homework will vary slightly.

Thank you for your children, our students!

Parent Information for students

Hello, We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. We have been putting together some ideas to help your children over the next...