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Guidance Information

Counselor Assignment

Mr. Gendron Ext. 173

Mrs. Hernandez Ext. 170

Mr. Laliberte Ext. 172

Ms. Walker Ext. 171

Mrs. Anne Marie LaFond, Guidance Administrative Assistant
alafond@dcrsd.org or ext. 175

Class of 2023

A-C, Laliberte

D-J, Hernandez

K-O, Walker

R-Z, Gendron

Class of 2024

A-B, Laliberte

C-H, Hernandez

 J-Q, Walker

R-Z, Gendron

Class of 2025

A-B, Laliberte

C-G, Hernandez

H-Nas, Walker

Nav-Z, Gendron

Class of 2026

A-Ci, Laliberte

Co-Joh, Hernandez

Jou-Pi, Walker

Po-Z, Gendron

Adjustment Counselors

Mr. James Brosnihan (Grades 9-12)

jbrosnihan@dcrsd.org or ext. 177

Mr. Darin Haig (Class of 2022 & 2023)

dhaig@dcrsd.org or ext. 166

Mrs. Jennifer McGrail (Class of 2024 & 2025)
jmcgrail@dcrsd.org or ext. 122

Guidance Google Classrooms
By joining our grade specific Google classrooms, students (and parent/guardian) can view the many available opportunities.

Seniors - Class of 2023 (34doeig)

Juniors - Class of 2024 (mbow3ca)                

Sophomores - Class of 2025 (cemm4a2)

Freshmen - Class of 2026 (qtejf3m)

Scholarship guide for college students with disabilities

Online Guide to Scholarships and Resources for Students With Disabilities - https://www.publicservicedegrees.org/financial-aid/scholarships/students-with-disabilities/

List of Scholarships available in the Guidance Office





2023 - 2024 Course Selection Worksheets

Click on "Innovation Pathway" above to download information and application. 


College Bound Students