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School Year Information from the Nurse 2020-2021


Dear Heritage School Families,

Welcome to an unusual year of learning. We are glad to be able to have in-person learning. Please call 508-248-4884 to set up an appointment, the nurse can video chat and come out to the car to obtain supplies/medications. You may send in notes with updates on health care issues concerning your child, electronic information is preferable.  Please scan or take a picture of the document and send medical information to the nurse. Email: mgerrard@dcrsd.org

Ill Children: If your child is sick they must stay at home. All students and staff are following the COVID-19 Guidelines. Each morning the screening should be completed before child comes to school. Even persons with mild symptoms of illness should stay at home.

Children with questionable skin rashes need to see a doctor and a note is required stating “non-contagious” or “being treated” upon return to school. Please keep the school nurse informed of illness.  Strep throat and pink eye must be treated with antibiotic therapy 24 hours before your child can return to school.

Healthy Foods: We promote healthy snacks every day and this means Healthy Celebrations as well. Do not send in any baked goods for celebrations, whether home or commercially prepared, this will also protect students who have food allergies, diet restrictions or chronic diseases. See our healthy snack/celebration attached sheet for food suggestions. Instead of food, classrooms celebrate birthdays with special book readings, stickers, pencils etc. Teachers have great ideas and your planning is welcome as well!

UPDATE:  Massachusetts students No Longer Must Get the Flu Shot This Year (It's Still Recommended).

Grade 3 Physical Exams: Massachusetts State law mandates children in 3rd grade have proof of a physical exam. All grade 3 students must have a physical exam prior to May 2021. Your child’s healthcare provider’s forms are acceptable. Many families have already sent back the completed physical examination forms; those are on file in the nurse’s office, thank you so much. Forms are available on the school website.

Medication Policy: The medication policy approved by the school committee requires an adult bring in a pharmacist’s labeled container for all medications that require dispensing during school hours to the school. Consent forms must be signed by the child’s parent/guardian to allow the nurse to administer the medication and medication orders from the health care provider must be signed and received as well. DO NOT send medication on the bus with your child. Scroll down to bottom of this page for MEDICATION FORMS.

The Fluoride Program will not be offered this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Vision and hearing screening will be done on an as needed basis, one child at a time. Please email the nurse if your child requires a vision or hearing screening.

Thank you for your help to keep your children healthy and ready to learn.

Please call, write a note, or e-mail with any questions or concerns about your child’s health care needs during school hours.

*Flu vaccine clinics are being planned by the Charlton and Dudley Boards of Health.


Marilyn Gerrard, MSN, RN, NCSN

Heritage School Nurse

Telephone: 508-248-4884;  Fax: 508-248-1109; Email: mgerrard@dcrsd.org