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Adjustment Counselor


How can the school adjustment counselor help my child?


  Lunch Groups: 

Lunch groups are opportunities for students to have lunch in a small group setting with Mrs. Coddington and 2-4 grade level peers. The focus is on friendship building and the groups meet during lunch, in order to avoid missing academic learning time. Students are referred for lunch groups via teacher or parent request (If your child is referred for a lunch group via teacher request, you, as the parent will be reached out to first, for permission to have your child participate).


Whole Class lessons:

 Mrs. Coddington will likely visit your child’s classroom for a whole class lesson at various points this year. These lessons focus on character education values that complement the Choose to Be Nice program, such as honesty, kindness and patience. Whole class lessons also help students with self-regulation, using the Award-Winning program called The Zones of Regulation. Classroom teachers are present for the lessons and incorporate concepts and common language from the lessons. These lessons also can focus on team building, classroom climate, class comradery and friendship. They are strategically scheduled to not take away from academic time on learning.

*If you have any questions or desire more information about whole class lessons, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


Check ins:

Student check ins occur when a student needs additional support. Check ins are brief, with the goal of helping the student be ready to get back to class as soon as possible. Regular check ins are something that are coordinated with parents and teachers, based on individual student needs. Check ins always maintain the goal of increasing student growth and independence within the school day.


Open door policy and consultations:

I have conversations with parents frequently about all things child development and mental health. Whether you want to brainstorm some practical strategies/ resources, or to talk through developmental challenges your child is having, I’m here for you as parents. I maintain a parent support blog at: www.mrscoddingtoncounseling.blogspot.com and I offer parent webinars, and in person support throughout the year.

Sarah Coddington, School Adjustment Counselor

Heritage School, 508-248-4884, ext 102, scoddington@dcrsd.org



The Dudley-Charlton Regional School District has a Mental Health Lending Library for parents. Any parent in the district may review the list and request any title. If you are interested in borrowing a book please email our school counselor, Mrs. Sarah Coddington; scoddington@dcrsd.org. She will secure the book for you and arrange a pickup time.