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DMS Winter 2022-2023 Sports Registration is NOW OPEN!

Sign ups will be done exclusively online, and will remain open from Wed. 11/2/22 and will CLOSE Wed. 11/16/22. The Winter 2022-2023 season will officially begin Mon. 11/28/22 - coaches will provide more information once registration closes.

The steps below should be followed when signing up:

  • Prospective student-athlete and a parent/legal guardian should go to the NEW registration link below.
  • If signing up online for the first time, parent/legal guardian should create an account. If a returning user, parent/legal guardian should sign in to their account.
  • Once logged in, please read all information pertaining to sports sign ups, then select your school's page from the available options.
  • Proceed to sign your student up for one sport, fully complete the registration form, and click "submit". If you forget to select a sport, or you are administratively added to a team, you may need to log back in to complete all the necessary forms.
  • Ensure your student has created an account (or you have created a student account for them) and that they have signed all of the necessary forms.
  • Ensure a valid physical exam signed and dated within the last 13 months by the student's medical provider is turned in to the school nurse (Ms. Amanda White - awhite@dcrsd.org) as soon as possible. Doctor's notes are not accepted - physical exams are required.

The following sports will be offered to 7th and 8th grade students only in the Winter 2022-2023 Season:

Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball

The following sports will be offered to 5th through 8th grade students in the Winter 2022-2023 Season:

Co-Ed Cheerleading

Varsity Wrestling (*8th Grade ONLY @ SH - info will be sent to parent/student emails)

Once registration closes, coaches will reach out directly to students and families with more information on tryout dates/times/locations, tryout and team expectations, schedules, etc.

DMS Coaches

Boys Basketball - Coach Mike Manske - mmanske@dcrsd.org

Girls Basketball - Coaches Kate Packard and Samantha Gatsogiannis
                          - kpackard@dcrsd.org & sgatsogiannis@dcrsd.org

Cheerleading - Coach Katie Brunelle - kbrunelle2@dcrsd.org


WINTER 2022-2023 SPORTS SIGN UP LINK: https://dudleycharlton-ma.finalforms.com

VIEW SCHEDULES HERE: https://www.arbiterlive.com/Teams?entityId=6172