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Athletic Director:

Steve Ide (508-943-2224)

The Dudley-Charlton Regional District values the concept of educational athletics. Athletics are not only an extension of the school, but also a vital part in a student’s growth and development as a person. We are pleased to be able to offer several programs at both the Middle Schools and High School levels.

Participating in school-based sports is a privilege, not a right. Student athletes are expected to maintain certain standards in the classroom and in the decisions they make, both on and off the field, regarding appropriate behavior. Some of the forms included in this packet reflect these standards.

The health and safety of our student-athletes are our primary concern. The health forms, including the new forms from the Massachusetts Department of Health, which deal with head injuries, will help us keep our student athletes safe an better manage injuries should they occur. Many studies have been done on concussions and the long term effects that they can have on the human brain. The information enclosed is very important to the student athlete’s well-being.

Student athletes and parent(s) / guardian(s) must complete and sign, where applicable, all of the included forms in order to be considered eligible. The Sports Candidate Questionnaire only needs be filled out the first season a student athlete participates in a given school year.

Good luck in the upcoming season and we wish all a rewarding experience.