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DMS Spring 2023 Sports Registration is NOW OPEN!

Sign ups will be done exclusively online, and will open Mon. 2/6/23 and CLOSE Fri. 3/3/23. The Spring 2023 season will officially begin no earlier than Mon. 3/20/22 - coaches will provide more information once registration closes.

The steps below should be followed when signing up:

  • Prospective student-athlete and a parent/legal guardian should go to the NEW registration link below.
  • If signing up online for the first time, parent/legal guardian should create an account. If a returning user, parent/legal guardian should sign in to their existing account.
  • Once logged in, please read all information pertaining to sports sign ups, add your student to your profile using their DCRSD email address, then select your school's page from the available options.
  • Proceed to sign your student up for one sport, fully complete the registration form, and click "submit". If you forget to select a sport, or you are administratively added to a team after registrations close, you may need to log back in to complete all the necessary forms.
  • Ensure your student has created an account (or you have created a student account for them) using their same DCRSD email address and that they have signed all of the necessary forms.
  • Ensure a valid physical exam signed and dated within the last 13 months by the student's medical provider is turned in to the school nurse (Ms. Amanda White - awhiteawhite@dcrsd.org) (Ms. Catherine Moore - cmoore@dcrsd.org) as soon as possible. Doctor's notes are not accepted - physical exams are required.

The following sports will be offered to 8th grade students only in the Spring 2023 Season:

G/B Lacrosse (*8th Grade ONLY @ SH - info will be sent to parent & student emails)

The following sports will be offered to 7th and 8th grade students only in the Spring 2023 Season:

  • Baseball
  • Softball (*8th Grade ONLY @ SH - info will be sent to parent & student emails)

The following sports will be offered to 5th through 8th grade students in the Spring 2023 Season:

  • Club Field Hockey

Once registration closes, coaches will reach out directly to students and families with more information on tryout dates/times/locations, tryout and team expectations, schedules, etc.

*MIAA waivers allowing CMS/DMS 8th grade students ONLY to participate on the lowest level offered in softball, girls lacrosse, and boys lacrosse have been granted on a one year basis. All 8th grade students opting to play at SH must register through their middle school registration page and select the appropriate option. All 8th grade students opting to play at SH will be subject to the same eligibility and athletic registration fee requirements as high school student-athletes.

Dudley Middle Spring 2023 Coach Directory


SPRING 2023 SPORTS SIGN UP LINK: https://dudleycharlton-ma.finalforms.com

VIEW SCHEDULES HERE: https://www.arbiterlive.com/Teams?entityId=6172