504 Plan Information

American with Disabilities Act, Section 504

Section 504 is a federal statute that prohibits discrimination based upon a disability. Obligations for school districts start when federal funds are received.


Section 504 covers eligible students with disabilities for reasonable accommodations that enable them to work or learn. A team knowledgeable of the student determines if the individual meets eligibility criteria.


The school based coordinators for 504 compliance are listed below by school:



Mason Road School Perri Pfrommer 508-943-4312
Dudley Elementary School Perri Pfrommer 508-943-3351
Charlton Elementary School Sarah Coddington 508-248-7774
Heritage School Sarah Coddington 508-248-4884
Dudley Middle School Lisa Incutto- Gr. 5 & 7
Scott Aucoin- Gr. 6 & 8
Charlton Middle School Erika Dragon - Gr. 5 & 6

Michael Daley- Gr. 7 & 8




Shepherd Hill Regional High School Darin Haig- Gr. 9 & 10 508-943-6700
  Jennifer McGrail- Gr. 11 & 12 508-943-6700




Nondiscrimination Policy Statement

It is the goal of the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District to promote an environment that is free from discrimination and affirmatively provides access to employment and equal educational opportunity. Discrimination, including that based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, homelessness or sexual orientation of an individual occurring in the workplace or in other settings in which individuals may be entitled access to educational opportunity is unlawful and will not be tolerated by this organization. Further, any retaliation against an individual for cooperating with an investigation of a discrimination complaint is similarly unlawful and will not be tolerated. To achieve our goal, acts of discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated and we have provided procedures by which inappropriate conduct will be addressed, if encountered by an employee, student or member of the community.

The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding nondiscrimination

Mrs. Lorinda Allen, Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Dudley-Charlton Regional School District Offices
68 Dudley-Oxford Road
Dudley, MA 01571