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Public Comment



Public Comment Agenda Item

All regular, special and emergency meetings of the School Committee shall be open to the public. Executive sessions will be held only as prescribed by the Statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The School Committee encourages citizens of the District to attend its meetings so that the public may become better acquainted with the operations and the programs of our local public schools. In addition, the committee would like the opportunity to hear public comment.

Public comment  is a citizen's opportunity to express an opinion on issues of School Committee business. Public Comment is not an open discussion between citizens and the School Committee.  . The committee may respond to a public comment by taking it under consideration when deliberating on an agenda item or referring an issue to the administration for appropriate action or response. Action on any matter should not be expected during the meeting in which it is brought up.

To ensure the ability of the School Committee to conduct the District's business in an orderly manner, the following rules and procedures are adopted:


  1. All remarks will be addressed through the chair at the meeting. 

  1. The presiding chair of the meeting shall establish the duration of Public Comment as an agenda item. 

  2. Speakers will be allowed up to three (3) minutes to present their material and must begin their comments by stating their full name and town of residence. The presiding chair may permit extensions of this time limit. Time may not be shared between speakers. 

  3. Topics for comments should be limited to those items within the School Committees’ scope of responsibility.

  1. Disruptive conduct and/or remarks will not be permitted by any party.  If an individual(s) continues to engage in disruptive conduct after a warning, the presiding chair has the authority to terminate that individual's privilege of address and order that individual(s) to leave the meeting.  If the individual(s) does not leave, authorities may be called. 

  1. If an individual(s) has a complaint, including instructional materials, resolution should first be sought at the school level with the school principal and/or administrators, and if necessary, the superintendent. 

  1. Anonymous written comments will not be accepted during the Public Comment Agenda Item 

REF:  Policy KEC – Complaints Concerning Instructional Material

MA Open Meeting Law 940 CMR 29.00


Adopted February 25, 1998

Amended April 24, 2002

Amended January 9, 2013

Amended March 24, 2021

Amended January 26, 2022