Citizen's Forum Policy



Regular Meetings – Citizens’ Forum Agenda Item

The school committee welcomes open communication with the citizens of our communities, and is interested in their concerns, comments, suggestions, and input relating to issues and the improvement of our schools. The Education Reform Act of 1993 places the authority of policymaking with the school committee, while the day-today management of the schools rests with the superintendent and school administrators. With this is mind, the school committee includes a Citizens’ Forum on each regular school committee meeting agenda, to provide individuals with an opportunity to speak within the following guidelines:

1) Please state your name and the town in which you reside.

2) If you have a complaint, please seek resolution first at the individual school level and with the school principal and/or administrators, including if necessary, the superintendent.

3) Recognizing that good decision making on important issues requires input and information from staff, citizens, students and committee members, action on any matter should not be expected during the meeting in which it is brought up, but may be discussed and decided at a subsequent meeting.

4) All remarks will be addressed through the chair at the meeting.

5) The speaker may offer objective opinions/concerns of the school operations and programs, but in public session committee will not hear personal complaints against school personnel, or against any member of the district.

6) Improper conduct and remarks will not be allowed. Defamatory or abusive remarks are always out of order. If a speaker persists in improper conduct or remarks, the chair may terminate that individual’s privilege of address. Refusal of the speaker to comply with the chair’s directive will result in removal from the meeting.

Adopted February 25, 1998
Amended April 24, 2002
Amended January 9, 2013