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Adoption Date: 11/15/1973, Revised: 9/22/1982; 1/9/1985, 3/14/1990, 1/22/1992, 1/8/1997, 10/10/2001, 10/21/2001, 2/13/2013
K - Community Relations

KHB Fundraising



The school committee is of the opinion that there should be limits on the amount of fund-raising activities in the communities. The school committee also recognizes that at times it is necessary for school organizations or pupils to raise funds for school activities.

When students or parent groups are to be involved in fund-raising activities outside of the school, a request for permission for such activities must be presented in writing to the principal of the school.

Before such fund-raising activities or commitments for such activities can take place, the approval of the principal must be obtained in writing.

No general or class distribution of commercial or fund-raising literature may take place without the superintendent’s permission.

For the purpose of this policy, any group (groups) representative of the school district programs will be governed by this policy.

Adopted November 15, 1973
Amended September 22, 1982
Amended March 14, 1990
Reviewed January 22, 1992
Amended January 8, 1997
Reviewed October 21, 2001
Amended February 13, 2013

Requests for fund raising activities in the community by school groups should be submitted to the principal of the school on the form provided for that purpose.
The principal will carefully review such requests with consideration being given to the following concerns:
1. Purpose of the fund raising – The purpose for which funds are being raised should be consistent with the goals of the system and fund raising should be considered only for those purposes for which funds are not available in the budget.
2. The nature of the fund-raising activity – The activity should be an appropriate one with consideration being given to the time required and the nature of other fund-raising activities.
3. Timing – Fund-raising activities should be scheduled so that activities are not held too close together. The activity should not be extended over a long period of time.
4. Age and grade level of the students – Elementary pupils should not be involved in fund-raising activities in the community.

Principals should review requests with the superintendent of schools if:
1. The activity is of a kind that has not been conducted previously.
2. The group requesting the activity has not previously been involved in fund raising in the community.

The principal should return a copy of the form to the group that made the request, giving his/her decision. A copy should be kept for his/her records and a copy forwarded to the superintendent.

Adopted September 22, 1982
Amended January 9, 1985
Reviewed January 22, 1992
Reviewed October 10, 2001
Amended February 13, 2013