Adoption Date: 11/15/1973, Revised: 2/26/1992; 10/10/2001, 2/13/2013
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KEC Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials

Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials

It is recognized that opinions differ concerning appropriateness of instructional materials. Occasionally an individual or group may find instructional materials used in the schools in conflict with their views.

The following procedures have been established to provide a system for receiving, considering, and acting upon written complaints regarding instructional materials used by the school district.
All complaints must be presented in writing to the building principal and will include the name of the author, title, the publisher, and the objections by pages and items; or in case of materials other than printed material, written information specifying the precise nature of the objection shall be given. The statement must be signed and identified in such a way that a proper reply will be possible.

When a complaint is received by a principal, the principal will acknowledge the receipt of the complaint and answer any questions regarding procedure. The principal will then notify the superintendent and the teachers involved. The superintendent will determine whether the complaint should be considered an individual request or if a building or district level review committee should be activated to reevaluate the material.

An individual student may be excused from using challenged materials after the parent or guardian has presented written complaint. The teacher will then assign the student alternate materials of equal merit.

The building level review committee shall be under the direction of the superintendent and composed of the building principal and four or more members selected by him or her from school or district personnel directly concerned.

The district level review committee shall be under the direction of the superintendent and composed of five or more members selected by him or her from the administrative and instructional areas directly concerned.
The use of challenged materials by class, school or district shall not be restricted until final disposition has been made by the appropriate review committee but those individuals who have expressed concern may be excused from using challenged materials.

In the deliberations of challenged materials, the review committee may consider among other things the educational philosophy of the school district, the professional opinions of other teachers of the same subject and of other competent authorities, reviews of the materials by
reputable bodies, the teacher’s own stated objectives in using the materials, and the objections of the complainant.

The findings of the building review committee and/or district review committee shall be a matter of written record and transmitted to the superintendent and regional school committee for the final action before a response is made to all interested parties.

Complaint Form Concerning Instructional Materials


Objectionable Instructional Material: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Description of complaint, in specific detail:

Description of Suggested Resolution:

Schedule Time Available to meet with principal



Email: ______________________________________________________

Adopted November 15, 1973
Amended February 26, 1992
Adopted October 10, 2001
Amended February 13, 2013