Adoption Date: 7/10/2002, Revised: 2/27/2013
K - Community Relations

KE General Complaints from the Community

General Complaints from the Community

The school committee realizes that in order to continuously attempt to create and maintain schools that reflect the public’s wishes, a system needs to be in place for receiving, considering and acting upon complaints from the community.

Although no member of the community will be denied the right to have his/her complaints heard and investigated, he/she will be referred through the proper administrative channels for solution before investigation or action by the committee is considered. Anonymous complaints will be disregarded.

The school committee believes that complaints are best handled and resolved as close to their origin as possible, and that professional staff should be given every opportunity to consider the issues and attempt to resolve the problem. Therefore, the proper channeling of complaints will be as follows:

Level 1 – Teacher (move to level 2 if applicable, non-applicable or unresolved),
Level 2 – Principal or principal’s designee and teacher (move to level 3 if unresolved)
Level 3 – Superintendent, principal and teacher (move to Level 4 if unresolved and if applicable)
Level 4 – School Committee (if applicable).

Upon written receipt of such complaint and all action taken thus far, the school committee and the superintendent shall confer as to whether the issue presented is one within the jurisdiction of the school committee under Massachusetts General Laws.

Complainants should be aware that the school committee does not hire, fire or discipline any school employee other than the superintendent, assistant superintendent or administrator of special needs

In the event the school committee determines that the complaint is not within its jurisdiction or certain levels have been skipped, it will be referred back through the proper channels.

If the complaint warrants discussion and/or action by the school committee, the complainant shall be informed that the issue will be placed on an upcoming agenda. The school committee will give careful consideration to the problem while affording all involved any legal rights they may have under applicable law and contract, and will inform the complainant of any action taken to arrive at a solution to the extent the release of such information does not abrogate any such right.

Adopted July 10, 2002
Amended February 27, 2013