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Adoption Date: 1/9/2013
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JP Gift and Contributions to Individual Employees

Gifts and Contributions to Individual Employees

Understanding the desire of parents/guardians to recognize and thank teachers and other district employees who contribute to the education of their children; and to establish policy in regard to potential conflicts of interest between employees and entities conducting business with the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District, the school committee sets forth the following policy regarding gifts to individual employees of the district and other potential conflicts of interest.

All district employees must abide by the conflict of interest laws for municipal employees outlined in MGL Ch. 268 Section 3. The law prohibits anyone from giving anything of substantial value to present or former employees for or because of any official act performed by the employee. Thus, gifts to employees of the school district should be small, token gifts of appreciation and must follow these guidelines.

The Massachusetts Ethics Commission has ruled that the value of a gift may not be divided by the number of contributors. The limit on the actual value of the gift may not exceed $50.
A. Any gift from an individual or individual family of any kind to an employee of the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District shall not exceed $50 per school year.
B. Acceptance of a gift or contribution will not imply an endorsement of any business, product, service, special interest group, special advantages or influence.
C. No gift may be accepted from a business supplying, or with an interest in potentially supplying goods, materials, equipment or services to the school systems. Small and clearly identifiable advertising or promotional items may be accepted.

This policy shall be implemented by the superintendent of schools and the administrative staff at each school.

LEGAL REFS.: MGL 268A, Section 3

Adopted January 9, 2013