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Adoption Date: 5/19/1992, Revised: 7/14/1993; 4/10/2002, 1/9/2013
J - Students

JICI Weapons in Schools

Weapons in Schools

It is the intention of the school committee to ensure that all students shall be able to attend school in a safe environment that is free of weapons and the violence associated with the use, or threatened use, of a weapon against another student or staff member.

In compliance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapters 37H, 37 H½, and 37H¾, the school committee prohibits firearms and other dangerous weapons in schools and adopts the statutory definitions of a firearm and other dangerous weapons.

Possession and/or use of any firearm, or other dangerous weapon on school grounds, in a school building, on a school bus or at any other school sponsored activity will not be tolerated.

The school district supports the prosecution of all school related weapons assaults.

Any student found in possession of a firearm or other dangerous weapon shall be:

a) suspended for a minimum of 10 school days
b) reported to the police for possible prosecution
c) reported to the superintendent for consideration of expulsion for up to the maximum allowed by law or regulation.

LEGAL REFS.: MGS Ch. 37H, 37H ½, 37H ¾

Adopted May 19, 1992
Amended July 14, 1993
Amended April 10, 2002
Amended January 9, 2013