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Adoption Date: 2/7/1974, Revised: 4/10/2002; 12/12/2012
J - Students

JICC Bus Conduct

Bus Conduct

The right of students to ride a school bus is contingent upon their good behavior and their observance of established regulations.

The driver of a school bus shall be responsible for the safety of the students on a bus, both during the ride and while students are entering or leaving the vehicle. Therefore, it is the bus driver’s duty to notify the building principal of the school involved if any student continues to violate the established rules of conduct.

Parents of children whose behavior or misconduct on a school bus endangers the health, safety and welfare of other riders will be notified that their children face the loss of transportation privileges.

A principal may withhold from the student the privilege of riding the school bus for a violation of established regulations. Loss of bus privileges will require parents to arrange transportation to and from school for the duration of the suspension.

Adopted February 7, 1974
Amended April 10, 2002
Amended December 12, 2012