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Adoption Date: 8/12/1992, Revised: 4/10/2002; 12/12/2012
J - Students

JFAB Transfer of Credits to Shepherd Hill Regional High School

Transfer of Credits to Shepherd Hill Regional High School

I. All credits previously earned and awarded by another public or recognized private high school may be accepted upon transfer to Shepherd Hill. The student will be informed by his or her counselor of his/her credit status and of remaining credit requirements for earning a Shepherd Hill diploma at the time of enrollment.

II. If credit from a sending high school is not compatible with the credit system at Shepherd Hill, then transfer credit will be awarded in a manner that is consistent with Shepherd Hill’s credit valuations.
For example:
• Students receive 1.0 credit for a class that meets every day for a full year.
• Students receive .5 credits for a class that meets every day for a half year or every other day for a full year.
• Students receive .25 credits for physical education classes that meet every other day for a full year.

III. Students transferring from Home Study Programs:
a) Students transferring into Shepherd Hill from home study programs would automatically transfer credits, as though transferring from another high school, if evidence is present showing receipt of credit(s) from a home study Agency holding accreditation from its appropriate accrediting agency.
b) Students lacking such evidence, may be awarded credit for prior work, after enrolling for a semester in a schedule of courses determined to be the next logical step in their academic progress; and successfully completing that semester’s program.
Evidence of progress and success is defined as earning a minimum of C grade in assigned course work.
c) Determining the next logical step may include any or all of the following:
1. Review of curriculum studied
2. Samples of work completed
3. Passing SHRHS produced exams in said subjects
4. Passing a standardized test to determine grade levels

IV. Students transferring from Foreign Schools:
Because of difficulties in obtaining transcripts from some countries and major differences in credit systems on those received, students will be placed at grade level deemed appropriate as in (II) above and held responsible only for credit requirements in those grades completed at Shepherd Hill.

V. Students who are not satisfied by the decision of Shepherd Hill officials as to acceptance of transfer credits may make an appeal of the decision to the superintendent of schools. Such an appeal shall be in writing and shall be submitted within 15 days from the date of the notification of credits that are not accepted.

Adopted August 12, 1992
Amended April 10, 2002
Amended December 12, 2012