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Adoption Date: 3/21/1974, Revised: 4/24/2002; 2/27/2013
I - Instruction

ID School Day

School Day

The length of the school day shall be arranged and scheduled by the administration and the school committee so as to offer the greatest return educationally for the time spent, within the limitations of school facilities and requirements of state law and regulations.

The superintendent is authorized to make minor changes in the openings and closing times to simplify transportation scheduling; however, major changes in schedules will be subject to committee approval.

Pupils shall not arrive at school earlier than 30 minutes before the time set for the beginning of classes, except as follows:

1. When earlier arrival is made necessary because of bus schedules.
2. When pupils are requested to come earlier for participation in school activities.
3. When the parent or guardian has applied for and been granted an exception by the principal.

Adopted March 21, 1974
Amended April 24, 2002
Amended February 27, 2013