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Adoption Date: 6/11/1986, Revised: 2/27/1991; 11/20/1991, 3/27/2002, 11/14/2012
G - Personnel

GDI Probationary Employees Support Staff

Probationary Employees Support Staff

The Dudley-Charlton Regional School District shall have the free exercise of the right to hire, fire, assign and promote. Any non-teaching employee whose length of service is less than 60 working days shall be considered a probationary employee. A probationary employee has no seniority rights, and his/her retention as an employee is entirely within the discretion of the district.

If the employee’s performance is unsatisfactory, the employee will be released at any time during the probationary period. The discharge of any employee who has worked beyond the probationary period shall be for cause only.

Adopted June 11, 1986
Amended February 27, 1991
Reviewed November 20, 1991
Amended March 27, 2002
Amended November 14, 2012