"... to advance the knowledge and well-being
of our children and our community."

District Policies

Policy Series - Table of Contents      
Series A - Foundations and Basic Commitment        
Bullying A      
Non-Discrimination and Access to Equal Education Opportunity AC      
Harassment ACBB      
Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability ACE      
Tobacco Products on School Premises Prohibited ADC      
Drug-Free Workplace and Learning Environment ADCA      
Background Checks ADDA      
DCJIS Model CORI Policy ADDA-R      
Wellness Policy ADF      
Series B - Board Governance and Operations        
Methods of Operation BA      
Numbers of Members and Terms of Office BAA      
Officers BAB      
Purpose and Role of School Committee BBAA      
School Committee Members BBBA      
Unexpired Term Fulfillment BBBE      
Massachusetts Association of School Committees' Code of Ethics BCA      
Committee Member Conflict of Interest BCB      
School Committee Organizational Meeting BDA      
Chair BDB      
Permanent Sub-Committees BDE      
School Committee Meetings BE      
Executive Sessions BEC      
Quorum BEDC      
Parliamentary Procedure BEDDA      
Minutes BEDG      
Regular Meetings - Public Comment Agenda Item BEDH      
Procedures for Conducting Hearings BEE      
Formulation of Policies BG      
Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) BGA      
Suspension of Policies BGF      
School Committee Public Communication BH      
Use of Electronic Messaging by School Committee Members BHE      
Orientation for New School Committee Members BIA      
Series D - Fiscal Management        
Preparation of Budget Document DB      
Transfer of Funds DBJ      
Capitalization DI      
Expenditures DJ      
Penalty Charged for Insufficient Funds DK      
Deferred Compensation Plan DLB      
Series E - Support Services        
Medical Emergency Response Plans EBC      
Fire EBCB      
Bomb Threat Procedures EBCC      
Social Networking EDC      
Free and Reduced Price Food Services EFC      
Series F - Facilities Development        
Designer Selection Process FEB      
Series G - Personnel        
Recruitment and Selection GCEA      
Substitute Teachers - Professional Staff GCG      
Professional Status of Teachers, Including Reduction in Work Force GCJ      
Schedule of Wages and Benefits GDBA      
Health Insurance Benefits GDBD      
Probationary Employees Support Staff GDI      
Series I - Instruction        
School Day ID      
Curriculum Evaluation, Development and Adoption IGA      
Teaching About Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs IHAMA      
Parental Notification Relative to Sex Education IHAMB      
Requests for Home Instruction IHBG      
Library/Media Materials Selection IJL      
School and District Web Pages IJNA      
Staff Technology Acceptable Use IJNDB      
Student Technology Acceptable Use IJNDBA      
School-Sponsored Field Trips IJOA      
Grade Placement and Graduation Eligibility For Students Leaving a Commonwealth Charter School IKE      
Controversial Issues in the Classroom IMB      
Animals in School IMG      
Series J - Students        
Educational Opportunities JB      
Inoculation of Students JCLB      
School Attendance JE      
Kindergarten Admission JEB      
School Admission Residency JF      
Transfer of Credits to Shepherd Hill Regional High School JFAB      
Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services JFABD      
Educational Opportunities for Military Children JFABE      
Educational Opportunities for Children in Foster Care JFABF      
Student Discipline JIC      
Bus Conduct JICC      
Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use by Students Prohibited JICH      
Weapons in Schools JICI      
Student Activity Agency Accounts JJF      
Athletic Statement JJIB      
Extracurricular Participation JJIB-A      
Head Injuries and Concussions in Extracurricular Athletic Activities JJIF      
Suspension and Expulsion JK      
Restraint of Students in Public Schools JKA      
Insurance JLA      
Illness - HIV Infection/AIDS JLCCA      
Automated External Defibrillator Use JLCE      
Life Threatening Allergies JLCEA-R      
Gift and Contributions to Individual Employees JP      
Student Food Service Accounts JQ      
Series K - Community Relations        
Communication with the Public, School Sponsored Releases, Community Information Sent Home with Students KDD      
General Complaints from the Community KE      
Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials KEC      
Use of School Facilities KF      
Fundraising KHB      
Request for Community Fund-Raising Activity - Form KHB-A      
Observations of Special Education Programs KI      
Series L - Education Agency Relations        
Student Teachers LDA