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2018 Yearbook purchases may be made online by clicking on the following link: Order Today!
Order early! Yearbooks ordered in August will cost $50! September - $60! October - $70! And finally in November - $80! The yearbook staff must inform the publishing company of the number of books to publish in December. Plan on ordering online. We will only accept orders in school if there is some special reason that you cannot order online.

Members of the Class of 2018 are reminded that they must submit senior portraits by Friday, September 29, 2017. Deadlines are firm! If you elect to have a parent or friend take your photo, please be sure they are using at least a 4 megapixel camera set on the highest resolution. The photo must be at least 300 dpi and be submitted as a JPEG file. The dimensions of the photograph in the yearbook will be portrait orientation 1.75 x 2.5 inches so please plan accordingly.

or Your Senior Yearbook Picture

  1. Must be digital.
  2. Must be in color. NO BLACK AND WHITE OR SEPIA!
  3. Email your senior photo, bio, and baby picture to Note: All pictures must be sent in “large” format to retain resolution properly. The file size should be over 1MB and under 3MB – as a guideline.
  4. Must be saved as a jpeg or png file.
  5. Must not be stylized (This does not include blemish removal; that is fine).
  6. Must be centered.
  7. Must be in focus. Any pictures out of focus will be rejected immediately.
  8. Must not be a picture of a photo or drawing.
  9. Must clearly show your face, no obscured shots
  10. PROPER school attire must be worn. No hats, bandanas, etc.
  11. NO PROPS. No basketballs, footballs, dogs, flags, skateboards, horses, etc.
  12. No “model” shots that end up being your eye, nose, and some hair.
  13. Photo file must be high resolution or “large” format.
  14. If you choose not to have your picture in the senior section of the yearbook, it is your responsibility to inform the advisors by September 30 and sign a release.
  15. If you don’t submit a senior picture by September 30 or sign a release, your Life-Touch picture will be used.
  16. We can take your picture for you at school for no charge. Please see one of the advisors.
  17. Your picture must be taken and your proof selected PRIOR to the deadline date. Your photographer MUST adhere to the September 30th deadline.
  18. Portraits submitted after the senior selection has been sent to the publisher cannot be included in the yearbook, so plan ahead.
  19. The picture that you submit will be used. Please choose carefully before submitting your photo.


Senior Picture, Biography & Baby Picture
must be submitted electronically to

Senior Picture ................. September 29, 2017
Senior Bio ...................... September 29, 2017
Baby Picture .................. September 29, 2017

Attention Parents of the Class of 2018

Show them how proud you are of their accomplishments by creating a Senior Ad. It's easy, fun and student love it.

Parent Ad .......................... December 22, 2017

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