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Please note the important dates throughout the May edition of the newsletter as we have entered a very busy time of year on the Hill. Our Class of 2018 is coming close to the finish line with exams at the forefront of their minds with AP exams, and finals for our seniors as well as MCAS for our underclassmen.

Life, as in marathon training, rarely goes exactly the way you plan. Setbacks and obstacles are part of the process and they should be looked at as challenges, not a barrier. The key is to learn how to plan for and manage them.

The Last Stretch Before The Finish Line
This past week we met with the Class of 2018 to review their final month as SH students on their way to transitioning to SH Alumni at the end of the evening on June 3rd. This is an exciting and stressful time for them as they wrap up all their responsibilities and expectations within the 720 days of their time on the Hill.

I spoke to them about these final weeks as Shepherd Hill seniors as the metaphorical final two miles of the Boston Marathon. This past year’s marathon saw some of the most extreme conditions ever during the 26.2 Miles. The women’s champ (first American since 1985) described during her race that she seriously contemplated quitting several times but just kept taking those steps forward and ran her race the best that she could. Much like members of the Class of 2018 during their time on the Hill—there have been moments of doubt, failure, fatigue, joy, success, and tremendous amounts of support along the route leading up to the finish line on Sunday, June 3rd.

This next month for our graduating seniors as they symbolically approach Coolidge Corner at mile 24 and come down Beacon and Charles Street to catch that view of the Citgo Sign at mile 25—knowing that Kenmore Square is close by and the finish line will soon be crossed with applause from the crowds - let’s all remember that during this final stretch they will experience huge waves of excitement and fatigue with all there final assessments and expectations coming to a head.

Let’s continue to be those people on the route cheering them on and providing unlimited amounts of support in these final two miles on their marathon route. Let’s model for them how to embrace the sometimes obstacles that occur within our lives. Because no matter if you cross the finish line first or you’re that person who crosses it at midnight—it’s that same feeling of accomplishment that they will never forget.

Again, it is my sincere hope that all of our students make good decisions while enjoying the prom and senior week activities. For our seniors, it is hard to believe that four years at Shepherd Hill are quickly coming to an end. Graduation will take place on Sunday, June 3rd at the DCU Center in Worcester. A schedule of senior activities and instructions for the events were distributed last week and are on the website.