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Stronger Than Yesterday BUT Tired.....

Christine Vaccaro wrote a very telling article for her blog. It began like this: Education may be unrecognizable right now, but one constant remains. June is still June. There’s June-exhausted. And then there’s June-after-a-virus-imploded-our-education-system-followed-by-three-months-of-teaching-remotely-in-quarantine-while-our-country-launches-into-a-revolution-exhausted. This year’s teacher-tired is without any semblance of precedent.

We can certainly all relate to those statements. The amazing thing is that this work did not stop during the pandemic closure and folks remained deeply committed to our students and our school. We supported our colleagues at other schools in the district, ensured that our curricular goals remained steadfast, and never lost sight of putting our students and families first. Despite the challenges that we all faced this year, our school stayed focused on just that, and while we have not emerged from the pandemic quite yet, we see the future with far more hope and with the knowledge that our relationships and culture can help us transcend any challenge.

Through it all, we as a Shepherd Hill & DCRSD community, became stronger in many ways and our eyes were opened in many ways on how we educate our students. Moving forward we must reflect on the lessons learned around the spring of 2020 and use our experiences to become even stronger in our planning for what awaits us in the fall.

We have had many inquiries and comments about reopening for 2020-21. We will continue to work with the District reopening team at the district level, and further throughout the summer months we will be discussing things at the school level to determine best practices for Shepherd Hill in terms of the fall and reopening of school. While the Commissioner will be providing us guidance that is said to be "prescriptive in nature" to help all schools with a plan, and to ensure some consistency between schools, we will do our best to manage those expectations around what is best for Shepherd Hill, in conjunction with our district as a whole and the Board of Health. We hope to finish all our plans by the beginning of August, and, as a greater community with the Board, the plans will all be contingent on data, which means having many plans that require flexibility. We will be sure to communicate whatever we can, as it becomes more clear throughout the summer.

But for now let’s all rest and recharge our batteries that have been tested like no other time and just simply exhale. We responded to a crisis and we all came out the other side.

Thank you, again, for all your support throughout the year. We appreciate it. We would like to thank our community partners in making this Class of 2020 Recognition Drive through Dudley and Charlton. It was a complete success due to the collaborative work between our Public Safety and Board of Health partners in both Dudley and Charlton. We would also like to thank all of the community members that showed up and lined the route to provide our graduates with some much needed cheers and recognition for all their hard work.