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February 2018

February brings a great deal of momentum to the school year. Semester 1 has concluded and we have begun the second half of the 2017- 2018 school year. This semester will go by fast as we continue to work on curriculum and learning while preparing students for success.

Second quarter report cards have been posted to the student and parent portal. Parents should review these report cards with their children and provide praise or encouragement where appropriate. Our goal is for each student to reach his or her full potential. Parents can help to ensure student success by requiring good student attendance, supporting teacher expectations and monitoring class assignments. Parents are encouraged to stay connected to our SchoolBrains Parent Portal. For students, the start of a new semester is an appropriate time to reflect upon progress made and to rededicate oneself to continued excellence or to much needed improvement. This can be the beginning to a great “strong finish” to the school year. While this is true for all students, it is especially critical for seniors. Regrettably, each year some seniors find that they have not met the minimum requirements for graduation and face the disappointment of not participating in commencement exercises. Don’t put yourself in that situation! There is still time to turn things around but you must start now with creating the building blocks to a solid finish to the school year.

We continue to focus not on just providing information and curriculum to our students on the Hill, but connecting those pieces of information to create a solid foundation of knowledge. It is the knowledge that contributes to and allows our students to navigate their school year and more importantly how they connect within their real lives day in and day out. Those connecting points illustrated in the picture above are the soft skills we are always talking about for our students and staff. These skills include: people skills, problem solving skills, ability to face roadblocks and find work around solutions, being proactive, humble, organized, a good communicator and listener, a team player, and most importantly receptive to learning new skills. You see all of these soft skills are really LIFE SKILLS. And in life we all should strive to be lifelong learners.

Be well!

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