Overview of the Scheduling Process

Overview of the scheduling process

1) Students’ teachers will make recommendations for English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies classes.

Levels for courses are designed to provide for the varying instructional needs of students. This structure is intended to allow every student the opportunity, to strive for his or her personal best. The curriculum for all courses, and at every level, is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

Students are placed in classes based on their instructional needs. For example, a student may be placed in a Level 1 Mathematics course and a Level 2 English course.

Courses at Shepherd Hill are Advanced Placement, Level 1, Level 2, or non-leveled.

The expectations for Level 1 learners include the ability to absorb new information readily, strong self-advocacy skills, and strong organizational skills.

Level 2 learners may need additional reinforcement of concepts. They may also benefit from additional instructional strategies and teacher reinforcement.

Non-leveled courses are designed to allow a student to explore areas of interest. The majority of non-leveled courses are in the elective areas.

2) Students will select electives to reach the minimum credit caseload:

Freshmen 6.0 Sophomores 6.0 Juniors 6.0 (w/ Fin Lit) Seniors 5.50

PLEASE use this as a guiding thought: Ask for what you want, and want what you ask for! The information that students relay regarding their choices for classes, actually helps to determine if a course can be run or how many sections need to be created.

Requests to change original choices of classes after the course selection process has been completed cannot be accommodated. The best manner to ensure that a student has made the most informed choices is to READ the course descriptions!

During your review of the course descriptions please attend to the course prerequisites which are located under the course title. Prerequisites include grade spans that the courses are open to, previous courses that may have to have been taken, and grade and/or MCAS testing thresholds.

Alternative elective choices are mandatory at each grade level. Should we not be able to schedule you into your first choice electives, knowing what your next best choice would be will increase the chances of placing you in an elective that you have an interest in.

Students will have a one to one meeting with their counselor to review the course requests and enter data into the computer. A copy of the course selection sheet will be sent home for a parent/guardian signature. It is extremely important that the signed form is returned to the counselor.

3) Schedules will be mailed to students in August. A day in August will be available for students who have major problems with their schedules to meet with their guidance counselor. Major problems include missing a core content class, not having the minimum credit caseload or circumstances such as receiving Art 2 without Art 1. These dates will be included in the May/June SHRHS Newsletter which is also mailed home. Issues relayed by email or telephone will be resolved AFTER the dates set out for students to come into the school.

Shepherd Hill Regional High School is proud to offer an array of courses which continue to enable the distinction as a comprehensive high school. Courses are available to all students which accommodate a wide range of interests and talents. The courses in the following pages are set out by subject area to assist in the review of the material.

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