Graduation Requirements, Promotion Information, Grading System

Requirements for Graduation

All students must carry enough courses during a school year to accumulate a mimimum of 5.75 to 6.0 credits. A greater number of credits may be elected should space be available in courses, if they serve the best interests of the pupil, and if they have been approved by the student’s parents and Guidance Department. The following requirements must be met by students in order to graduate:

    Four credits in English
    Four credits in Mathematics
    Three credits in Social Studies
    Three credits in Science
    Three 1/4 Credits in Physical Education successfully passing in grades 9-12
    As mandated by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:
    A Competency Determination with a score of 240 or a score of at least 220 with an EPP (Education Proficiency Plan) in the areas of English Language Arts and mathematics.
    A Compentency Determination with a score of 220 in the area of Science/Technology.
    A Compentency Determination with a score of 220 in the area of U.S. History (beginning with YOG 2012). NOTE: In February 2010 the DESE voted to postpone this requirement

    Requirements for Promotion

    **Beginning with the YOG 2014: The minimum number credits required for promotion and graduation are as follows:

    To be considered a sophomore 5.00

    To be considered a junior 10.00

    To be considered a senior 15.75

    For Graduation 22.00

Grading System

A - Excellent Performance

B - Above Average

C- Average

D - Below Average

F - Failing

P - Passing

I - Incomplete (work to be finished within two weeks)

M - Medical

W - Withdrawn

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