Guidance Information

Counselor Assignments
2019-2020 School Year

Grade 12

Grade 11

Grade 10


Mr. James Laliberte










Ms. Julie





Mr. Corey





Mr. James Laliberte or ext. - 172

Ms. Julie Walker or ext. - 171

Mr. Corey Gendron or ext. - 173

Mrs. Diana Hernandez or ext. - 170

Mrs. Deborah Starkus, Guid. Secretary. or ext. 175

Adjustment Counselors:
Mr. Darin Haig (grades 9 & 10) or ext. 166

Mrs. Jennifer McGrail (grades 11 & 12) or ext. 122


Transcript Request

To request a transcript from Shepherd Hill you must:

  1. Complete the Request for Transcript form
  2. Forward two dollars for each transcript (this can be cash or a check payable to SHRHS) to the guidance office
  3. You may stop by the guidance office, *fax the form to 508-949-3513, or mail the form and payment to:

Shepherd Hill Regional High School
68 Dudley-Oxford Road
Dudley, Massachusetts 01571
Attn: Guidance Secretary

*The transcript will be mailed upon receipt of the two dollars per transcript.

Transferring In/Out of SHRHS

Transferring In: Click Here

Transferring Out: Records Release Form

Senior Transcript Information Sheet

Submit your Senior Transcript Information Sheet to Mrs. Starkus (Guidance Secretary) at least two weeks before you begin any applications.

Student Recommendation Letter/Interview Sheet


Guidance Dept. Objectives

The main objective of the Guidance Department at Shepherd Hill Regional High School is to assist students in all aspects of their high school experience.

Below are listed the general categories of services provided for students:

  • Course Selection
  • Career Counseling
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Problem Solving (academic - personal)
  • Group-Counseling
  • Statewide and National Testing
  • College and Post Graduate Education
  • Outside Agency assistance and Referral
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Provision of Guidance Bulletins
  • Orientation of New Students

The Shepherd Hill Regional High School Guidance Department is proud to have developed a curriculum based on the Comprehensive Model of Counseling. This model systematically provides allstudents with information throughout their high school career. The following topics will be covered or activities will be conducted:

Freshman year: Freshman Facts Brochure - information with regard to where to obtain help, mid-term and final exams, credits required for promotion and GPA

Sophomore year: Career Interest Inventory - students will complete an inventory that will be utilized for course selection and college/technical school searches

Junior year: Post graduate planning - topics revolving around the essential question: How do I ready myself for making informed college/workplace decisions?

Senior year: College application process - review of the internal practices to meet college application expectations, where to find scholarship information.

Graduation Requirements

All students must carry enough courses during a school year to accumulate a mimimum of 5.75 to 6.0 credits. A greater number of credits may be elected should space be available in courses, if they serve the best interests of the pupil, and if they have been approved by the student’s parents and Guidance Department. The following requirements must be met by students in order to graduate:

  • Four credits in English
  • Four credits in Mathematics
  • Three credits in Social Studies
  • Three credits in Science
  • Three 1/4 Credits in Physical Education successfully passing in grades 9-12

As mandated by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

  • A Competency Determination with a score of 240 or a score of at least 220 with an EPP (Education Proficiency Plan) in the areas of English Language Arts and mathematics.
  • A Compentency Determination with a score of 220 in the area of Science/Technology.
  • A Compentency Determination with a score of 220 in the area of U.S. History (beginning with YOG 2012). NOTE: In February 2010 the DESE voted to postpone this requirement

Requirements for Promotion. **Beginning with the YOG 2014: The minimum number credits required for promotion and graduation are as follows:

  • To be considered a sophomore 5.00
  • To be considered a junior 10.00
  • To be considered a senior 15.75
  • For Graduation 22.00

Grading System

A - Excellent Performance
B - Above Average
C- Average
D - Below Average
F - Failing
P - Passing
I - Incomplete (work to be finished within two weeks)
M - Medical

Calculation Formulas

How to Calculate Honor Roll

The Shepherd Hill Honor Roll is computed at the end of each marking period. Honor roll is calculated based on a student’s numerical averages in their courses. Independent Studies, no credit-classes (such as music assistant) and ¼ classes (PE and health) are not included. The following table applies.

  • If the average is 92 or greater, the student earned First Honors.
  • If the average is 89 or greater (but below a 92), the student earned Second Honors.
  • If the average is 85 or greater (but below an 89), the student earned Recognition.
  • The overall average will not be rounded up.
  • A student may not have a grade lower than C- (69) for honors consideration.

How to Calculate National Honor Society Eligibility

The Shepherd Hill National Honor Society is also computed at the end of each marking period. To be eligible for NHS membership a student must maintain a cumulative average of 3.5.

The following scale is utilized: A+ = 4.3, A = 4.0, A- = 3.6, B+ = 3.3, B = 3.0, B- = 2.6, C+ = 2.3, C = 2.0, C- = 1.6. Add up the values for each class, and divide by the total number of grades. Independent Studies, no-credit classes (such as music assistant) and ¼ classes (P. E. and health) are not included.

How to Calculate Grade Point Average

Please click the PDF link below to access the formula to calculate the GPA. The GPA is a weighted, cumulative system.

How to Calculate GPA

Honor Roll Announcement

2018-2019 School Year

Access to Student Records

Access to Student Records
Military Recruiters and Post Secondary Education Institutions

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires that all schools receiving federal funds must provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of secondary students to military recruiters and institutions of higher education. The act also requires that military recruiters be given the same access to students that is given to recruiters for post secondary education institutions and employers. If a parent objects to releasing this information he/she should notify the guidance office before the end of the first week in September.

Clubs & Activities

  • Academic Decathlon, Ms. Curtis, Room 107
  • Astronomy Club, Mr. Sullivan, Room 325
  • Bible Club, TBA
  • Book Club, Mrs. Kennedy, Library
  • Booster Club
  • Bowling Club, TBA
  • Concert Choir*, Mrs. Bussiere, Music Room (*scheduled class during the school day)
  • Drama Club, Ms. Griffiths, Room 227
  • Envirothon Club, Mr. Sauvageau, Room 124
  • Friends on the Hill, Mrs. Danner-Connole, Room 105
  • Gamers Club, Mr. Santic, Room 304
  • Gay Straight Alliance, Mr. Bakum, Room 316
  • Global Awareness Club, Mrs. Pierangeli (
  • HillProv (Improvisation & Comedy), Mr. Foley, Room 200
  • Hill TelegRam, Mr. Stefan, Room 201
  • Junior Booster Club, Mrs. Covill, Room 101
  • Library Assistants, Mrs. Kennedy, Library
  • Math Team, Mrs. Richard, Room 111
  • National Art Honor Society, Mrs. Lashua, Room 219 & Mrs. Hines, Room 223
  • National Honor Society*, Mrs. Covill, Room 101 (*opens to grades 10-12 by invitation & application)
  • Peer Tutoring, Mr. Gendron, Guidance
  • Principal's Advisory Council, Mr. Chaplin, Main Office
  • Prom/Victory Dance Committee, Jr. Class Advisor
  • Robotics Club, Mr. Hennigan, Room 125
  • Science & Engineering Fair Club, Mrs. Lebeau,
  • Show Choir*, Mrs. Bussiere, Music Room (*audition required)
  • Ski Club, Mr. Cormier, Room 204
  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SAAD), Ms. Gustafson, Room 207
  • Student Council, Mrs. Piehl, Room 301 or Mr. Duffy, Room 306
  • Welcoming Committee, Mrs. Hernandez, Guidance
  • Yearbook, Mrs. Piehl, Room 301

Click on the following image to view the
2019-2020 Course Description Catalog.

Course Selection Page

Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12

Click on the following image to view information on Freshman Course Selections:

Click the following image to access the Naviance Link:


AP Testing Information

Students may register for multiple Advanced Placement exams. Registration is through the guidance office (Mr. Gendron). Payment must be in the form of check or money order payable to SHRHS. To register just drop off a check(one check only), make sure your name, student ID number and AP course name(s) are on the check. Cash will not be accepted. The cost per exam is $94.00 per student. Free or reduced lunch student exams cost $53.00. If the state should decide to further reduce this price, we will reimburse free or reduced lunch students at that time.

Students enrolled in ELA, math, or science Advanced Placement courses are required to take the exam. All other exams are optional. However, students are encouraged to take exams in each of their AP classes. Should a student not pay for a required exam, the test will be ordered and a bill will be assigned to the main office that will be due prior to the end of the student’s Shepherd Hill career, if a senior, or before underclassmen can sign out.

The registration period is currently open and will conclude on Friday February 16, 2018. Any questions should be directed to Mr. Gendron at 508-943-6700 x173 or

AP Exam Schedule 2018

Monday, May 7, 2018
8 am - AP Chemistry

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
8 am - AP Spanish
Noon - AP Physics 1

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
8 am - AP English Literature
Noon - AP Physics 2

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Noon - AP Env. Science

Friday, May 11, 2018
8 am - AP US History

Monday, May 14, 2018
8 am - AP Biology

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
8 am - AP Calc AB/AP Calc BC
Noon - AP Computer Science
Noon - AP French

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
8 am - AP English Language

Thursday, May 17, 2018
Noon - AP Statistics

SAT/PSAT Testing Information

Students sign up for testing at and will need a credit card for the process.

Testing dates may be viewed at:

IMPORTANT: SAT Registration requires uploading a picture for identification purposes the day of the test.

The picture MUST:
1. Be a portrait (head shot only)
2. Be EASILY identifiable as the student to a stranger (you cannot rely on people knowing you)
3. Have ONLY the student testing in the frame


The DAY of the TESTING
1. The student must have the Admission Ticket
2. Two number two pencils
3. An acceptable calculator (see College Board checklist link)
4. The student MUST have an ID card with an identifiable photo.

Acceptable ID cards are:



Please contact Amanda Holton at with any questions.

PSAT Testing

TESTING DATE: Wednesday, October 16, 2019

TESTING TIME: 8:00 a.m.


JUNIORS - Sign up with the guidance secretary. The cost is $17 (check payable to SHRHS; No cash). By taking the PSAT in the 11th grade, you may be eligible for scholarships and other academic recognition, including:

To learn more about the PSAT/NMSQT, visit

SOPHOMORES - There is no charge for you. A list of the rooms will be posted on the second floor a few days before the testing.

Please forward any questions you may have to Diana Hernandez at

Parent/Student Portal

Parent and Student Portals are available to any parent or student wishing to monitor grades and attendance on an up-to-date basis. The most recent report card or progress report can be printed from the portal. Contact the guidance secretary if you wish to set up portal access. All students were invited through their DCRSD email address to create portals.

Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring Services are available. If you or your student are looking for peer tutoring services, please talk to their guidance counselor to begin this process. Peer Tutoring will begin after your son/daughter has stayed after school for extra help with their teacher twice.

Team of Tutors

Please click on the following image for a list of people who are willing to tutor students in the areas indicated.

College Bound Students

Great Resources

The Princeton Review - all sorts of college information

College Board - The SAT test plus all sorts of testing and college preparation information

ACT - the ACT test and other resources

Federal Student Aid Site - Federal Student Aid Site for students, parents and counselors

FinAid - Student aid resource site

MEFA -MEFA is a not-for-profit state authority, established to make college education more accessible for with help at every step of the way.

US Dept. of Education - search for student aid resources by state

Scholarship Scams - avoid scholarship scams - don't pay!

Personality and Career Assessment

Bureau of Labor and Statistics Career Guide - link your favorite subject in school to a possible career

The Princeton Review Career Test

The Vocational Information Center

Reading Lists for Students

College Board - 101 great books for the college bound readers

Search for Colleges

National Center for Education - links and searches to colleges and universities

Online Education and Degrees - online education and degree program information

Peterson's - find colleges by degree programs of interest

Online Education Links

Capella University - degree programs listed by professional focus

Kaplan University - includes financial aid info

University of Phoenix Online - includes links to all campus locations

College Rankings

College and University Rankings - a list of different ranking sites

Two Year College Resources

Community College Review - profiles of community and junior colleges

Axia College Online - online education offering associate degrees

League for Innovation in Community Colleges - international consortium of community colleges

American Assoc. of Community Colleges

Military Careers - Military (general) - Army - Navy - Coast Guard - Marines - Air Force

Virtual Tours - virtual campus tours - collection of on line view books - non promotional videos of colleges

What are my Chances at This School?

Testing Calendars

The SAT Calendar

The ACT Calendar

Health and Safety for Students

Centers for Disease Control - learn what you can do to enjoy college the safe and healthy way!

Health Insurance Quotes - student health insurance quotes and plans

About the Different Tests

ACT test - used for college admissions, an alternative to the SAT

Advanced Placement (AP) tests - information about AP testing - Sat Subject Test Requirements at different schools

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) - about the CLEP program

ISEE - Independent School Entrance Exam - often used for entrance into private high schools

PSAT - Preliminary SAT

Test Prep Resources - by Stanford Testing Systems - online registration and prep for ACT - Eureka One on One Review, LLC - fun ways to improve your vocabulary

Scholarship Search - finding scholarships - Financial Aid and Scholarship Search - College, Career, Scholarship Search - scholarship search - SallieMay site for financial aid - tools for planning to pay for college

Financial Aid Calculators - financial aid calculator - calculator on the ACT website

Financial Aid Links - Federal Student Aid Site or call 1-800-433-3243 (TTY 800-730-8913 for hearing impaired) - Student aid resource site - online FAFSA application

For Minority, Low-Income, First Generation Students - minority aid site - english and spanish information on planning - free publications - United Negro College Fund - universal black pages - American Indian fund - American Indian Higher Education Consortium - the Black Collegian - Black Excel: The College Help Network - Jewish resource for colleges - Gates Millennium Scholars Fund - Hispanic scholarships - Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities - Journal of Blacks in Higher Education - Quality Education for Minorities - Tribal Colleges, Native Studies Programs, and Indian Education

Students With Disabilities - Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) - Attention Deficit Disorder Association - Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders - Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) - Learning Disability Resources - National Center for Learning Disabilities - Federation for Children with Special Needs - Learning Disabilities Online - National Adult Literacy & Learning Disabilities Center

Application Process & Information


BEFORE YOU BEGIN to fill out the applications (paper or online):

1. Submit your Senior Transcript Information Sheet to the Guidance Secretary at least two weeks before you begin any applications.

2. Complete the Student Recommendation Letter /Interview Sheet and submit it to your counselor. You will give one copy of this form to each person you ask to write a recommendation.

3. Request letters of recommendation (WELL IN ADVANCE OF YOUR DUE DATES, 2 weeks prior is a minimum) from two teachers and/or coach and/or employer.

4. Ask your guidance counselor for a recommendation if one is required (one is needed for the Common Application).


NOTE: This work must be completed at least two weeks prior to the application deadline – YOU are responsible for knowing your deadlines.

Please keep these approximate guidelines in mind:

Early Decision October 14 Early Action October 14

Regular Admissions December1

A word regarding deadlines - as a rule, it is not in your best interest to wait until the end of a deadline window to apply to a college. Programs can fill quickly and financial aid availability may be effected as well. Also, State Universities and Colleges are currently experiencing a significantly increased number of applicants.

1. Remember to spell Shepherd Hill Regional High School correctly

2. Shepherd Hill Regional High School's CEEB # is 220698 (For SAT and ACT)

3. Be sure to fill out ALL of information on the application

4. Be sure that your and/or your parents sign the application

5. Enclose the college application fee:

Make the check payable to the college (do NOT send cash)

Write your Social Security number on the check

6. Make copies of your essays

7. Have your official SAT scores sent to the college from College Board (colleges only consider them official if sent by the College Board). Make the request at There is a $10 fee and a $29 fee for rush requests and a credit card is required.

8. Have your ACT scores sent to the college from

There is also a fee for this transaction and a credit card is required.

9. Bring your completed materials to your guidance counselor.


Set aside at least 30 minutes to complete the application and have these items on hand:

Your social security number

A list of your activities and/or awards

A credit card to pay the application fee (Some schools will waive the processing fee if you apply online). If you do are not able to pay online, you must bring a check or money order payable to the college and it will be sent with your official transcript.

If an essay is needed, you will likely be asked to “paste” it onto your online application


1. Your guidance counselor must send an official high school transcript and any letters of reference that may be needed. You must sign a release with your counselor. Your online application is incomplete until an official transcript is sent.

2. Send your official SAT and/or ACT scores as explained above in # 8 and #9.

Tools for Understanding PSAT/SAT Scores

Links to College Board Tools for Understanding PSAT and SAT Scores

Sample PSAT Student Report

Understanding your SAT Scores

College Admissions Workshop

College Admissions Workshop

Click on the following image to view PowerPoint Presentation:

Scholarship Information

General Information

The Guidance Office will be posting available scholarships from this page. Posting date will be in [ ].

  • The Guidance Office will begin posting updates as they become available. Students are encouraged to visit the guidance office to obtain the necessary applications.
  • National Scholarship information may be obtained by visiting the linked websites*

*SHRHS offers information for Specialized and National scholarships by providing links, but does not endorse any of the sites.

Local Scholarships


LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS (Found in Scholarship Bin in Guidance)

Students must obtain the application in the Guidance Office - ** THEN STUDENT RETURNS THE APPLICATION TO GUIDANCE WHEN COMPLETE ** Due date indicates the last day the completed application can be handed back to the Guidance Office when transcript and letters of recommendation will be attached.

Usually start in December/January

Specialized Scholarships



(Students apply online- if transcripts are needed you must contact the Guidance Secretary one week before the deadline. Student is responsible for mailing before due date.)


Big Y Scholarships - Over 300 scholarships totaling more than $250,000. Apply online at (Scholarship Page) by February 1, 2020. 

Council of Administrators of Compensatory Education /MA Title I Administrators Scholarships - $2,000 scholarship offered to graduating senior who has participated in a Title i funded Targeted Assistance Program or Schoolwide Program for at least one year at any grade level. Applications must be emailed to by December 2, 2019. 

DAR Scholarships: Application deadline is February 15, 2020.

Light the Way Scholarship: Must be apply to Assumption College and complet application by December 15, 2019

Henry David Thoreau Scholarship - up to $20,000 tuition scholarship to graduating senior planning a career in Environmental Studies. Application on website: Due February 1, 2020.

Massachusetts JCI Senate Scholarship - $1,000 scholarship due January 24, 2020. Application on website: http:\\\.



National Scholarship Search - finding scholarships - Financial Aid and Scholarship Search - College, Career, Scholarship Search - scholarship search