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68 Dudley-Oxford Road
Dudley, MA 01571
Mr. William Chaplin, Principal
Fax: 508.943.5956

General School Information

Bell Schedule

Warning Bell: 7:30 a.m.
Report to Block A: 7:35 a.m.
BlockA 7:40-8:4464 minutes1765432
B 8:48-9:3042 minutes2176543
C 9:34-10:1642 minutes3217654
D 10:20-11:0242 minutes4321765
E 11:06-12:3868 minutes5432176
F 12:42-1:2442 minutes6543217
G 1:28-2:1042 minutes7654321
BlockA 7:40-8:4464 minutes1765432
B 8:48-9:3042 minutes2176543
C 9:34-10:1642 minutes3217654
D 10:20-11:0242 minutes4321765
E 11:06-12:3868 minutes5432176
F 12:42-1:2442 minutes6543217
G 1:28-2:1042 minutes7654321
Passing time: 4 minutes
Breakdown Block AChannel 1 - 2 minutes
Announcements - 2 minutes

Breakdown Block E(lunch)
Lunch 1Lunch 111:06-11:2620 minutes
Class11:30-12:3868 minutes
Lunch 2Class11:06-11:2620 minutes
Lunch 211:30-11:5020 minutes
Class11:54-12:3844 minutes
Lunch 3Class11:06-11:5044 minutes
Lunch 311:54-12:1420 minutes
Class12:18-12:3820 minutes
Lunch 4Class11:06-12:1468 minutes
Lunch 312:18-12:3820 minutes

2-Hour Delay Bell Schedule

2-Hour Delay Bell Schedule


Warning Bell


Pass to Block A

9:40 – 10:05

Block A 25 min.

10:09 – 10:32

Block B 23 min.

10:36 – 10:59

Block C 23 min

11:03 – 11:26

Block D 23 min.

11:30 – 1:02

Block E 66 min. (Normal Lunch Schedule)

1:06 – 1:36

Block F 30 min.

1:40 – 2:10

Block G 30 min.


Directions to Shepherd Hill Regional High School
68 Dudley-Oxford Road, Dudley, MA 01571

(Refer to a map to get you to one of these immediate areas)

From Connecticut Area: Rt. 395 to Exit 2. At end of ramp, take a left onto Main Street heading towards Webster and Dudley. Follow Main Street through two traffic lights. At third traffic light bear left (there will be a brick building in front of you—Webster First Federal Bank). You are still on Main Street, pass though four sets of traffic lights. At the fifth traffic light, take a right onto Mason Road (Fire Department on your right). Follow Mason Road to a stop sign. Take a left onto Dudley-Oxford Road. Shepherd Hill is less than 1/2 mile on your left.

From Sturbridge, MA Area: Rt. 197 East to Dudley. Take a left at Yummy’s Chinese Restaurant (Center Road) and follow green signs to Nichols College. Follow road for 1.4 miles past Nichols College. Go straight at 4-way intersection onto Dudley-Oxford Road. At the stop sign, bear right and Shepherd Hill is located on your right. From Worcester Area: From Mass Pike Exit 10 at Auburn or I-290 from Worcester. Take I-395 South to Exit 4B Sutton Ave., Oxford. Proceed on Sutton Ave. through traffic light for approximately 1/2 mile. Turn left onto Dudley Road and travel 3.7 miles to Dudley-Oxford Road. Bear right onto Dudley-Oxford Road and proceed about 1 mile. Shepherd Hill will be on the left.

The gym is located in the back of the school. Teams will enter to register around the very back of the gym by the tennis courts.

Student Learning Expectations

The faculty of Shepherd Hill Regional High School and the communities of Dudley and Charlton have identified 21st Century Learning and Civic Expectations for our students. All students are given multiple opportunities to meet each of these expectations during their time at Shepherd Hill, and students are assessed using rubrics that were developed by a representative sample of the Shepherd Hill faculty. Individual students’ level of performance on the academic expectations is reported on the 2nd and 4th quarter progress reports. Achievement of the civic and social expectation is reported on the 1st and 3rd quarter progress reports. The rubrics used to assess students, as well as graphs that illustrate school-wide performance on each of the expectations can be found at the following link:

21st Century Learning Expectations

  1. The Shepherd Hill student writes effectively – expressing ideas using conventional standard written English.
    Associated Rubric
  2. The Shepherd Hill student reads effectively – comprehending material from a written text.
    Associated Rubric
  3. The Shepherd Hill student demonstrates effective interactive communication skills (speaking and listening) – understanding and responding to a variety of topics and points of view.
    Associated Rubric
  4. The Shepherd Hill student uses technology effectively – utilizing and evaluating media and technology responsibly.
    Associated Rubric
  5. The Shepherd Hill student understands and applies personal wellness skills – demonstrating appropriate health related decisions.
    Associated Rubric
  6. The Shepherd Hill student demonstrates critical thinking – gathering and analyzing information to solve problems.
    Associated Rubric
  7. The Shepherd Hill student demonstrates cultural literacy – understanding diverse cultures and recognizing global perspectives.
    Associated Rubric
  8. The Shepherd Hill student demonstrates inventive thinking – using creativity in art, communication, and problem solving.
    Associated Rubric
  9. The Shepherd Hill student demonstrates civic and social responsibility – being respectful of people, ideas, and property as well as understanding the rights and duties of citizenship.
    Associated Rubric

Late Bus Routes

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