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Driver Education

Scott Provost - Director

Anne Marie Lafond - Admin. Assistant

To register for a driver's education class, complete the following registration form and return with $275 deposit:

To view details on upcoming classes, click on the appropriate class schedule:

January 2019 Class Schedule

April 2019
The April Class has 18 spots remaining as of 01/09/2019

Sign-Up Procedure

The sign-up procedure may occur as soon as the class syllabus is posted. In order to participate in the classroom segment a student must be at least 15 yrs and 9 months of age. Sign-up occurs by submitting a check payable to the DCRSD for 50% of the total cost of the Driver Education Course ($275), which serves as a deposit to hold your place in the class. The remaining balance is due prior to the start of In-Car Instruction.

Completed Registration Form & check may be brought or mailed to the SHRHS office.

Student Costs

There will be an assessment of $25 for any checks returned for insufficient funds

  • $550 is the cost of the classroom and In-Car instruction (must be 15 yrs and 9 months to participate in the D.E. classroom portion of the SHRHS Driver Ed. Program); check payable to the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District (DCRSD). This is due, paid in full, prior to the start of the in-car instruction.
  • $35 is the cost for any additional driving hour beyond the "program specified 12 hours".
  • $60 check payable to the DCRSD which covers the cost of using the SHRHS D.E. vehicle and instructor, if the student chooses to take the Road Test with Shepherd Hill.
  • $85 is the fee that must be paid to the "Mass DOT", which is the cost of your license and the RMV's Road Test fee ($50 for the license, $35 for the Road Test). This fee will appear on your myRMV account once your road test is scheduled. Go online after you have been contacted by our instructor with your road test date and pay the fee.

Classroom Procedure

  • Sign-in on classroom sign-in sheet with an ink pen, next to your printed name.
  • Classes will begin at scheduled start time, no students admitted after start time.
  • Materials: must have a black or blue ink pen for record-keeping, must be signed in ink (will be tested daily).
  • Please keep talking to a minimum - we have a lot of material to cover.
  • Restroom, one at a time, wait for the person to return, leave and return quietly.
  • Break time: we will have a 15 minute break whenever class session is more than two hours.
  • Any student who is suspended, In-House or Out-of School, shall not be allowed to attend Driver Education Classes or Driving Lessons while serving the suspension.

Attendance Policy

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) requires 30 hours of classroom instruction.

  • If you miss a class, you are responsible for making up the class time during the next SHRHS Driver Education classroom session. **for example: If you are absent from the fourth class (class #4), you must make up the absence by attending class #4 at the next classroom session. There will be approximately five classroom sessions held throughout the calendar year.
  • If a student is absent from a class for a third time (3 absences), that student will be dismissed from that Driver Education Course Session and may enroll in another Driver Education Course Session in the future.

Classroom Requirement

  • Must complete thirty hours of classroom instruction.
  • Must pass Final Examination with a minimum score of 80%.
  • Must submit completed “Parent Consent Form” regarding student In-car instruction.

To Start Driving Segment

  • Must complete all classroom requirements.
  • Must have paid in full the Driver Ed. Course fee of $550.
  • Parent / Guardian must have attended the required two hour session.
  • Must have completed and submitted signed Parent/Guardian Consent form.
  • Must have your Learners Permit.
  • Provided all requirements are complete, students will be selected to drive based on the earliest Learners Permit date of issue.

Driving Segment Requirement

  • Must complete 6 hours of in-car observation.
  • Must complete 12 hours of behind the wheel driving.
  • Generally, in-car sessions will not exceed two hours. Driving sessions will be arranged between the instructor and student at mutually agreed upon times.

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