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Mr. William Chaplin, Principal
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Shepherd Hill Regional High School

School Hours: 7:40 a.m. to 2:10 p.m.

Principal: Mr. William F. Chaplin, Jr.
Asst. Principals: Michael D. Resener & Andrew J. Leach, Jr.

Our Band and Guard are Division 2 USBANDS National Champs with a score of 96.4. Great job....Congratulations!!

Photos by Patty Mackay

Core Values: “Committed to Excellence” Shepherd Hill Regional High School is dedicated to educate, challenge and empower students to succeed in the 21st century. With “Pride and Unity”, we foster intellectual achievement, civic responsibility and personal growth.

Beliefs about Student Learning: Through quality instruction in a safe and stimulating learning environment, we encourage students to be inquisitive, resourceful, and responsible learners. By cultivating respect and a strong work ethic, we are confident that our students will excel in the present and meet the demands of the future.

Learning Expectations

Writes Effectively

The Shepherd Hill student writes effectively – expressing ideas using conventional standard written English

Student Performance

Reads Effectively

The Shepherd Hill student reads effectively – comprehending material from a written text

Student Performance

Effective Communication Skills

The Shepherd Hill student demonstrates effective interactive communication skills (speaking and listening) – understanding and responding to a variety of topics and points of view

Student Performance

Uses Technology Effectively

The Shepherd Hill student uses technology effectively – utilizing and evaluating media and technology responsibly

Student Performance

Personal Wellness Skills

The Shepherd Hill student understands and applies personal wellness skills – demonstrating appropriate health related decisions

Student Performance

Critical Thinking

The Shepherd Hill student demonstrates critical thinking – gathering and analyzing information to solve problems

Student Performance

Cultural Literacy

The Shepherd Hill student demonstrates cultural literacy – understanding diverse cultures and recognizing global perspectives

Student Performance

Inventive Thinking

The Shepherd Hill student demonstrates inventive thinking – using creativity in art, communication, and problem solving

Student Performance

Civic & Social Responsibility

The Shepherd Hill student demonstrates civic and social responsibility – being respectful of people, ideas, and property as well as understanding the rights and duties of citizenship

Student Performance

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The student handbook contains important information about school policies, procedures and expectations for student conduct. Please click on the following link to view our handbook and/or current changes:

2017-18 Student Handbook

2017-18 Highlighted Changes

Graduation Photos Available for Purchase.
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Casson Foster Photography

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Shepherd Hill Regional High School
Global Awareness &

School Brains’ Parent Portal provides parents/guardians with the ability to monitor their child’s educational progress online. If you do not have access, please contact the guidance department. It is our hope that this will improve student achievement by increasing collaboration with parents.

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