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School Nurse







Mobile Dentist 


The Mobile Dentist will be coming to Heritage School again in the spring for an in-school dental clinic. Look for more information and enrollment forms going home with students in the spring. 




Medication Forms




Medication Order- This document must be completed by your student’s doctor or nurse practitioner.


Written Parent/Guardian Consent- This document must be filled out by you the parent/guardian to give the School Nurse permission to give your student his/her medicine at school.


Emergency Health Care Plan/ Allergy Action Response- If your student has a severe allergy response requiring use of an Epi-pen, this attached document must be filled out by your child’s doctor/nurse practitioner initially, reviewed with you, the parent/guardian, and then signed by you both. Please review this document carefully with your student’s doctor who is writing the orders for this response.


All medication documents must be re-accomplished each school year, as your student’s doctor reviews the need for medications that need to be given at school as part of your student’s health assessment.