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The in-school dental team from THE MOBILE DENTIST will be visiting Heritage School on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 2019. Paper forms will be going home in February. If you are interested in having your child see the mobile dentist you have the option to fill out a paper registration form OR sign your child up on-line. Visit and complete the form on-line.


Medication Forms

Medication Order- This document must be completed by your student’s doctor or nurse practitioner.

Written Parent/Guardian Consent- This document must be filled out by you the parent/guardian to give the School Nurse permission to give your student his/her medicine at school.

Emergency Health Care Plan/ Allergy Action Response- If your student has a severe allergy response requiring use of an Epi-pen, this attached document must be filled out by your child’s doctor/nurse practitioner initially, reviewed with you, the parent/guardian, and then signed by you both. Please review this document carefully with your student’s doctor who is writing the orders for this response.

All medication documents must be re-accomplished each school year, as your student’s doctor reviews the need for medications that need to be given at school as part of your student’s health assessment.