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Reported by NJHS publicist, OLIVIA KRUKONIS

Charlton Middle School’s Fall Family Fun Fest!

Charlton PTO hosted their annual Fall Family Fun Fest this past Friday on October 19th at The Charlton Middle School. There was an amazing turn out and was very fun for the children and the volunteers. We thank everyone who volunteered and the Nichols College students that helped this event run smoothly. Some activities that occurred during the Fall Fun Fest were the Spook Walk, Obstacle course, and the Cakewalk along with many others. Here are some photos from the night. The kids clearly

showed off their creativity in their creative and amazing costumes that they arrived to the school in. The top left photo is a photo of a part of the Obstacle course in the auditorium that was a very popular event that night. Overall, I think we should thank the Charlton PTO who hosted this event and helped make Friday a blast and created many new memories with families and friends.

  • NJHS Publicist: Olivia Krukonis, Grade 8 (10/22/18)