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Reported by NJHS publicist, SERENA VeILLEUX

On Friday the 9th, the NJHS had its last big event for this year. This chapter was brought to a close with a end of the year party. From all the amazing food, to all the fun games it was a wonderful event. Everyone seemed to have a great time. There was something for everyone to do, whether it be swimming, playing can jam, or passing some balls around. This was a great opportunity to finish off the year. I myself, Serena Veilleux, would like to thank everyone for making this year the best it could be!

On Saturday April 29th, NJHS volunteered at Charlton's annual Earth Day event. They ran an Earth Day themed craft, as well as a sack race and recycle bottle relay. The kids had lots of fun running back and forth in the relay races, and they also loved the prizes. Even some older "kids at heart" loved the craft. All in all, the event was very successful and is hoped to be brought back next year. Cutter Beck, who helped run the games said "Kids of all ages enjoyed the craft we had available and the games that we put on."

NJHS ran the Pennies for Patients fundraiser this year. The donations help thousands of people in their fight against blood cancers. Over the three week period, our goal was to raise 1,000 dollars. The students showed what CMS is made of and raised over 1,500 dollars. It was overall a very successful fundraiser.

On Friday, March 24th, Heritage School held a Seussical Carnival. The carnival was not only fun for the kids, but also taught that reading is very important. Members of National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, parents, and teachers all helped contribute to making this event a great success. The excited attendees got to see a magic show that left even some of the teachers laughing, eat popcorn with lots of mouth-watering toppings, jump in a bouncy house, win new books in bingo, compete to see who could stack cups the highest, and were treated to delicious pizza. This event was entertaining for all. The NJHS helped lead groups of around ten kids. The group leaders were definitely a tremendous help in getting the kids from station to station. When asked which station was her favorite, Samantha Belanger, a second grader that attended said "I liked all of them!" This event will continue to be a great volunteer opportunity as well as a fun experience.

On March 9, the NJHS and STUCO helped out at the middle school's parent-teacher conferences. The meetings ran smoothly, and teachers appreciated the help from students. Parents, as well as students, enjoyed the new accommodation of waters and juice being sold in the lobby. The first shift (1-4) had lots of eager volunteers ready to help. Although the next shift (6-8) had fewer volunteers, it was still as successful as the first shift. As Michaela Cluett said, "Even though the pace was slow, the help with NJHS members contributed to keeping it very calm and collected."

On Thursday February 23rd, Heritage School held its "February Frolic." The NJHS members helped keep the kids under control as they excitedly went through several fun stations. For example, one station involved building a structure to keep an ice cube cold. The attendees had an outstanding time and enjoyed the company. Addy Smith said, "Mrs. Pastore enjoyed our help too and also made it fun for us." Overall, It was an exciting event that the NJHS hopes to provide with help again next year!

On Saturday December 10th, the NJHS helped volunteer at the holiday kid shop. Some members helped sell items from razors to play-doh. Others were personal shoppers who helped kids decide what to buy. Kids were very happy with all the gifts they got for family and friends. This event was fun for everyone. As Grace Gamelli said "Loved it!"

On Thursday December 8th, the National Junior Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony. To those who had speeches, nice job! Hopefully the inductions of the future will run as smoothly and beautifully as this one. Congratulations to the 28 new members of this chapter!

On Friday November 18, the NJHS helped Chip-In get ready for the week. They filled boxes with foods from gravy to Mac & cheese. They also stocked shelves. As Maryn LaPlante said "Everyone had a good time."

On Friday, October 21st, the PTO held there annual Fall Family Fun Fest. They had the NJHS and other groups helping out doing things from scooping ice cream to working games in the gym. This event was very popular to kids of all ages. In the cafeteria there seemed to be a steady flow of people wanting ice cream, in fact they ran out! As Michaela Cluett says "The fall family fun fest worked very smoothly with the help of NJHS volunteers. The PTO was very pleased with the help given to them. Overall it was a good night".

On Thursday, October 13th, Charlton Middle School held their first parent teacher conferences. With the help of the National Junior Honor Society Members and the Student Council this event was a great success. Although, at times some volunteers said it was quite busy. "There was a hour and a half wait for some parents" (Cutter Beck). If the Middle School did not have the volunteers, the wait might of been even longer. As Henry Weiland suggests "Maybe we should set up something to entertain the parents and sell refreshments". In spite of the long wait times, the conferences went well. "I thought it was a good day. I felt we were very helpful". ( Mark Fields)

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