"... to advance the knowledge and well being
of our children and our community."


Reported by NJHS publicist, SERENA VeILLEUX

On Thursday the eighth, the National Junior Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony. To those who had speeches, nice job! Hopefully the inductions of the future will run as smoothly and beautifully as this one. Congratulations to the 28 new members of this chapter!

On Friday November 18, the NJHS helped Chip-In get ready for the week. They filled boxes with foods from gravy to Mac & cheese. They also stocked shelves. As Maryn LaPlante said "Everyone had a good time."

On Friday, October 21st, the PTO held there annual Fall Family Fun Fest. They had the NJHS and other groups helping out doing things from scooping ice cream to working games in the gym. This event was very popular to kids of all ages. In the cafeteria there seemed to be a steady flow of people wanting ice cream, in fact they ran out! As Michaela Cluett says "The fall family fun fest worked very smoothly with the help of NJHS volunteers. The PTO was very pleased with the help given to them. Overall it was a good night".

On Thursday, October 13th, Charlton Middle School held their first parent teacher conferences. With the help of the National Junior Honor Society Members and the Student Council this event was a great success. Although, at times some volunteers said it was quite busy. "There was a hour and a half wait for some parents" (Cutter Beck). If the Middle School did not have the volunteers, the wait might of been even longer. As Henry Weiland suggests "Maybe we should set up something to entertain the parents and sell refreshments". In spite of the long wait times, the conferences went well. "I thought it was a good day. I felt we were very helpful". ( Mark Fields)

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