New Student Registration

Dudley-Charlton Regional School District - New Student Registration

The Dudley-Charlton Regional School District utilizes a central registration process for all new students entering grades Preschool through 12. Parents/guardians should follow the steps below to register their child(ren) into the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District schools. Registration is not handled by the individual school buildings.

Fall 2018 - Preschool through 12. Registrations are being accepted throughout the summer. Please start the process as soon as possible. If you are moving close to the start of school please call Anne Marie LaFond at 508-943-6888 x270 as soon as possible to coordinate the registration process with your move.


Step 1 - Parent/guardian should print and complete forms below for each student being registered.

Step 2- Parent/guardian should have child's physician complete forms below for each student being registered. A printout from the physician's office with all of the information on these documents will be accepted.

Step 3 - Parent/guardian should gather one document from each column (A, B and C) on the Residency Statement.

Step 4 - Parent/guardian should gather documents below for each student being registered.

  • Birth Certificate - Original or copy with raised seal is required. It will be copied and returned.
  • Proof of Physical Custody - if applicable
  • Signed Individualized Education Plan - if applicable
  • Signed 504 Plan - if applicable

Step 5 - Please call Mrs. Anne Marie LaFond, Academic Data Specialist/Central Registrar at 508-943-6888 ext. 270 to make an appointment to bring all documents above and complete the registration process.

**Parent/guardian should withdraw student from the school that they will be leaving and direct the school to send the documents below to the attention of Mrs. Anne Marie LaFond (fax no. 508-943-1077 or email or to the school the student will be attending. The individual schools are listed on the Records Release Form. A registration cannot be completed without all of these documents.

  • Transfer Card - If transferring from another Massachusetts public school.
  • Current Grades - If transferring in the middle of a marking period.
  • Last Report Card/Transcript
  • Discipline Report.

IMPORTANT - Only after the full completion of the registration will parents/guardians be contacted by the individual school to confirm the students' start date. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure the District receives the required documentation for registration. Incomplete student registration folders will not be forwarded to the schools for enrollment.