Special Needs Education

A Message from the Director of Special Education

“All children are unique, perfect and able to learn” is a belief I have developed over the years as a father, husband and special education professional. The special education team philosophy, specifically, is a component of our responsibility to assist the children in finding out what is unique within them.

I will gladly listen and discuss with parents how we can work as part of team to meet your child’s needs. Feel free to contact the special education office at 508 943-6888 or email me at jferranti@dcrsd.org.

-Jeff Ferranti, Director of Special Education

Special Education Information

Special education services are available to students from ages 3 through 21 who have been diagnosed with disabilities and require specialized instruction in order to make effective progress in accessing curriculum. Individualized special education programs (IEPs) are cooperatively developed by the student's individual planning team lead by a TEAM chairperson, which includes parents, teachers, administrators and, when appropriate, a speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, school psychologist, and/or other specialists. These TEAMs make every effort to provide the appropriate special education program to children in a setting as close to a regular classroom as possible.

Many times the Special Education process can seem confusing to parents with new language, rules, expectations and forms. If, at any time, you have a question or concern regarding your child's progress or IEP do not hesitate to contact the Special Education TEAM Chairperson for your child's school. Their primary role is to assist parents and staff in, and through, the Special Education process. You may also contact the Special Education Administrator, Jeff Ferranti at 508-943-6888 or via email at jferranti@dcrsd.org.

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Student Services Contact Information

Special Education Team Chairpersons

Charlton Elementary School
Nancy Manske
Charlton 508-248-7774

Heritage School
Mary Solomita

Charlton Middle School
Gretchen Tucker

Mason Road School and Dudley Elementary School
Ruthann Carney
508-943-4312 (MRS)
508-943-3351 (DES)

Dudley Middle School
Angela Muller-Crone

Shepherd Hill Regional High School
Judi Powell
508-943-6700 (x167)

Calendar of Events

Mr. Jeff Ferranti,

Interim Director of Special Education

508-943-6888 ext. 273

Mrs. Peggy Furey,

Administrative Secretary
(508) 943-6888 ext. 273