Adoption Date: 8/10/1972, Revised: 10/24/1974; 10/23/1975, 12/19/1979, 2/26/1992, 2/8/1995, 4/10/2002, 2/13/2013
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KF Use of School Facilities

Use of School Facilities

The Dudley-Charlton Regional School Committee encourages the use of school facilities for non-profit educational, charitable, recreational and civic purposes by recognized responsible organizations insofar as it is practical to do so without interference with school activities. There will be no charge for town use for the following activities: Elections, Party Caucuses, Town Meetings, Police Exams, Board of Health Clinics and Old Home Day.

Initial Requests for use of school facilities for any events by non-school groups must be approved by the school committee. Having once received approval from the school committee, and being found responsible users, subsequent requests by a previously approved group may be submitted to, and approved by, the superintendent.

In considering requests for the use of school facilities, the school committee and/or superintendent will only take requests for the type of activities for which the facility is intended.

When approval is given, charges will be required for the cost of custodial coverage, energy costs, security, and other expenses incurred by the users. There will be no charges for school-sponsored activities.

Organizations that operate on a “for profit” basis will be charged a facility fee in accordance with a prevailing schedule. Rental charges for the actual use of the facility will be billed to the organization prior to the scheduled event.

Approved users of the approved district rental agreement will be responsible for compliance with statutes and regulations of the Commonwealth such as enforcement of prohibitions on smoking, alcoholic beverages, hazing, and weapons.

In the event that school is canceled or there has been an early release due to inclement weather or other emergencies, outside rentals will also be canceled. Organizers of each group should monitor the district website and will be responsible for conveying this action to the group.

Adopted August 10, 1972
Amended October 24, 1974
Amended October 23, 1975
Amended December 19, 1979
Amended February 26, 1992
Amended February 8, 1995
Amended April 10, 2002
Amended February 13, 2013