Adoption Date: 2/13/2013
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JLCC-A Life Threatening Food Allergies

Life Threatening Food Allergies
It is the policy of the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District to set age-appropriate guidelines for students and schools that minimize the risk for children with life-threatening food allergies (LTA). Such guidelines will include:

• building-based general medical emergency plans
• life-threatening food allergy emergency plans
• individual healthcare and/or 504 plans for students diagnosed with LTA (when appropriate)
• appropriate training of staff
• availability of medical equipment for quick response within buildings
• other guidelines that will ensure that students with LTA can participate fully in school activities without undue fear of harm from exposure to life- threatening food allergens.

It is the school committee’s expectation that specific building-based guidelines/actions will take into account the health needs and well-being of all children without discrimination or isolation of any child. It is the school committee’s belief that education and open and informative communication are vital for the creation of an environment with reduced risks for all students and their families. In order to assist children with LTA to assume more individual responsibility for maintaining their safety as they grow, it is the expectation of the school committee that the guidelines shift as children advance through the primary grades and through secondary school.

Adopted February 13, 2013