Adoption Date: 5/17/1974, Revised: 3/25/1987; 3/9/1988, 9/23/1992, 7/14/1993, 4/10/2002
J - Students

JICH Use of Alcoholic Beverages

Use of Alcoholic Beverages

The possession, serving, or consumption of any alcoholic beverage on school property or at school functions is prohibited.

Those students identified as having been drinking alcoholic beverages prior to attendance at, or participation in, school-sponsored activities will be barred from such activities.

Students attending school, or a school activity, who are in possession of alcoholic beverages, or have been drinking alcoholic beverages, will be suspended from school for a minimum of five school days up to 10 school days. Students selling or possessing with intent to sell any alcoholic beverages on school property, or at any school function will be suspended for 10 school days. A report will be made to the local police authorities of all suspensions under this policy and the incidents relation to the suspension.

A satisfactory conference with the student and his or her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) should take place before the student in readmitted. Conditions must be established and made clear to the student before his readmission. Readmission will include evidence that steps have been or are being taken to seek solutions to the problems which were the basis of the suspension.

Adopted May 17, 1974

Amended March 25, 1987

Amended March 9, 1988

Amended September 23, 1992

Amended July 14, 1993

Amended April 10, 2002