Adoption Date: 6/9/1982, Revised: 4/24/2002; 02/11/2004, 02/27/2013, 12/11/2013
I - Instruction

IJOA School-Sponsored Field Trips


School-Sponsored Field Trips

The Dudley-Charlton Regional School Committee recognizes that it is desirable and valuable,
on occasion, to supplement and extend classroom activities with voluntary domestic and
international academic and extracurricular field trips to broaden perspectives and educational
experiences of students. The Dudley-Charlton Regional School Committee encourages activities
that augment classroom instruction and promote healthy social development.


The following definitions apply for the purpose of this policy:

1. Academic field trips include all off-campus trips that are organized as part of the class
curriculum. There must be pre-and post-trip instructional activities and/or assessment.
Participation for all members of the class is expected. Provisions for comparable instructional
experiences during the school day must be made for student not on the academic field trip.

2. Extracurricular field trips are those off-campus trips that are organized by a school sponsored
club, group or athletic team. The school committee is mindful, however, of the financial burden
such travel may place on some families and the potential for disparate educational opportunities
for students. Away games or matches that are part of the athletic program are considered
extra-curricular field trips under this definition. Club and Art trips are part of an approved
interscholastic competition and other district approved contests which are not longer than one
day. Examples would be math club, robotics club, Quiz Show and other venues for competitions
and events.

3. When an academic field trip or an extra-curricular field trip is planned to occur between
midnight and 6 a.m. or to require a student to stay overnight away from home, the procedures for planning and approving overnight trips apply. It is understood that overnight trips may include travel within Massachusetts, in other states, and internationally.

B. GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR APPROVAL – Domestic and International

Trip Approval Process

1. Advanced approval by the superintendent is required for any student trip involving overnight

2. Overnight trips should offer educational benefits to students that clearly justify the time and
expense of the trip.

3. For all overnight student travel, the school committee requires that final approval be sought
no less than 30 days prior to the scheduled departure date.

4. Whenever possible, overnight trips should be scheduled on weekends or during school
vacations to minimize lost classroom time.


In evaluating all field trip requests, the administration and the school committee will consider the following:

1. The relevance of the proposed field trip to:

a. a unit of study (educational trips)
b. scheduled athletic contest (athletic trip)
c. scheduled competitions or events (club or program trips)
d. the enhancement of knowledge, leadership skills, global perspectives (extra
curriculum trips)

2. The impact of the field trip upon the available school and/or family budget

3. Provisions for adequate adult supervision to ensure students safety.

4. Evidence of thoroughness in planning to avoid the loss of instructional time.


1. Students will be accompanied by a sufficient number of chaperones, taking into account the
trip scheduling and logistics. All chaperones, including parents and volunteers, must have a
CORI check in accordance with MGL ch. 71, sec 38R.

2. All participating students must submit a signed parent/guardian permission form. Such
form shall include appropriate authorization for emergency medical care and administration of

LEGAL REF.: MGL Ch. 71: 38R
Adopted June 9, 1982
Amended April 24, 2002
Amended February 11, 2004
Amended February 27, 2013
Amended December 11, 2013

Class Trips IJOA
Class trips which require an overnight stay are not permitted by the school committee.
Adopted October 12, 1988
Eliminated September 26, 1990

Reinstated April 10, 2002