Adoption Date: 2/27/1991, Revised: 11/20/1991; 3/27/2002, 11/14/2012
G - Personnel

GD Transfers, Promotions and Vacancies

Transfers, Promotions and Vacancies

A transfer is a change from one school to another without any change in classification.
A promotion is defined as a change in classification that results in an increase in wages per hour.

A vacancy is a position created by the change in an employee’s status or a new position created by the school committee.

Vacant positions may be filled through transfers, promotions or as a new hire. Positions will be posted throughout the school district for five working days.

The superintendent will make district-wide assignments and transfers of support staff members for the efficient operation of the school department as necessary.

The preferences of employees will be taken into consideration in making assignments and transfers; however, the best interests of students and the school system will be given priority.

Within an individual school, the principal will assign support staff members to tasks appropriate to their positions and qualifications.

An evaluation period of sixty (60) working days will follow each voluntary transfer or promotion during which time the employee will receive the new appropriate wages and/or benefits. During the evaluation period the retention of the employee in the new position is entirely within the discretion of the principal.

Adopted February 27, 1991
Reviewed November 20, 1991
Amended March 27, 2002
Amended November 14, 2012