Adoption Date: 8/14/1975, Revised: 1/22/1992; 3/27/2002
G - Personnel

GCCBA All Employees - Additional Sick Leave

All Employees
Additional Sick Leave

1. The district will maintain sick leave days each year in reserve to be used by personnel who must be absent due to long-term illness or accident.

2. Personnel would have to use all accumulated sick leave before they are eligible to receive benefits from this reserve, however personnel may apply at any time prior to the dissipation of sick leave. This request must be accompanied by a detailed medical statement by the attending physician stating the exact nature of the incapacitation and the projected time of recovery beyond the member’s own accrued sick leave.

3. The building principal will determine eligibility of an employee based on the following criteria: the individual’s work history, years of service to the district, accumulated sick days earned and attendance. The decision will be forwarded to the superintendent.

4. The individual may make an appeal of the principal’s decision to the superintendent for a final determination of eligibility.

5. It should be clear that there exists no guarantee that any additional sick days are an entitlement. The initial number of days that may be granted to an employee during one school year may be 10 days, with a maximum of 20 working days to be granted following a review.

Adopted August 14, 1975
Amended January 22, 1992
Amended March 27, 2002