Adoption Date: 8/10/1972, Revised: 12/10/1986; 4/24/2002, 2/27/2013
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EBCC Bomb Threat Procedures

Bomb Threat Procedures

In the event of a call or notice to the effect that a bomb has been placed in a school, the following procedures will be followed:
1. Both the police and fire departments are to immediately be notified and given pertinent information as outlined by those departments.
2. The principal, in concert with the fire department, shall make the decision whether to evacuate (and subsequently reenter the building) after a careful evaluation of all the information available relative to the particular incident.
3. The superintendent’s office will be notified of the incident, circumstances and plans.
4. If deemed necessary, a search of the evacuated facility, or area of the facility, will be conducted under the direction of the senior officer present from either protective department, and the school principal. Those designated by the senior officer and principal will assist.
5. Circumstances will dictate whether any strange or foreign objects should be removed immediately or left for removal by a qualified person.
6. If a search is conducted and nothing is found, the principal, in concert with the senior officer, will permit reentry into the building.
7. Investigation of the incident should be made by the local police and fire departments, assisted by state officers if requested.

In case of repeated bomb threats or in consideration of any special circumstances involved in any bomb threats, including the probability of any unusually long search, the principal of the building is authorized to make such emergency decisions with regard to procedures and discipline of the student body which he/she considers appropriate to the situation.

In all cases procedure regarding a bomb threat will be followed consistent with the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District Emergency Response Protocol Handbook’s Bomb Threat Checklist

Adopted August 10, 1972
Amended December 10, 1986
Amended April 24, 2002
Amended February 27, 2013