Adoption Date: 4/24/1991, Revised: 4/24/2002; 2/27/2013
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In the event of a fire in a school regardless of severity, the following procedures will be followed:

1. The fire department is to be notified immediately and given pertinent information.

2. In the event the alarm is not automatically activated, the principal shall make the decision whether to evacuate (and subsequently reenter the building) after a careful evaluation of all the information available, including consultation with all appropriate public safety personnel, relative to the particular incident.

3. The superintendent’s office will be notified of the incident, circumstances and plans.

4. Investigation of the incident should be made by the local fire and police departments, assisted by state officers if requested.

5. The superintendent will notify the school committee of all incidents requiring fire and police department intervention.

Consistent with the requirements of MGL Ch. 71:37L, the principal of any school will immediately report to the local fire department any incident of a fire within the school building or grounds.


Adopted April 24, 1991
Amended April 24, 2002
Amended February 27, 2013