Adoption Date: 12/12/2012
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EBC Medical Emergency Response Plans

Medical Emergency Response Plans

Advance planning for emergencies and disasters is essential to provide for the safety of students and staff. It also strengthens the morale of all concerned to know that plans exist and that students and staff have been trained in carrying out the plans.
Building principals will meet all requirements for conducting fire drills to give students practice in moving with orderly dispatch to designated areas under emergency conditions and to give the staff practice in carrying out their assigned responsibilities for building evacuation.
The superintendent and administration will develop and maintain plans that meet the requirements of state law for preparedness in case of fire, civil emergencies, and natural disasters. The purpose of the plans is twofold: 1) to reduce the incidence of life-threatening emergencies and 2) to promote efficient responses to such emergencies.

CROSS REF.: Chapter 77 of the Acts of 2012 (Medical Emergency law)

Adopted December 12, 2012