Adoption Date: 10/19/1972, Revised: 1/8/1997; 10/10/2001; 2/27/2013
D - Fiscal Management

DB Preparation of Budget Document

Preparation of Budget Document

The superintendent of schools shall be responsible for preparing and submitting to the school committee for its action a cost centered budget which reflects the district’s educational goals for the fiscal year.

The budget shall be a matter of continuous year-round development in order that it may reflect the best thinking of the entire staff and school committee; and the budget shall be compatible with the long-range aims of the school district.

The annual budget for the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District shall conform to the guidelines set forth in MGL Ch. 71:16B and shall be in compliance with the foundation budget. It is acknowledged that the foundation budget reflects the minimum recommended spending for a district, and excludes transportation costs, debt service costs, and costs associated with the acquisition of fixed assets.

The aforementioned items must, therefore, be budgeted in addition to the foundation budget, and funds to support those expenditures must be raised from Dudley and Charlton, after the use of any offsetting revenues received by the state.

A public hearing will be held prior to the adoption of the final operating budget by the school committee. In accordance with the District Agreement, the school committee shall adopt a final budget no later than 45 days prior to the earliest date of the annual town meeting of either member town is to be held, but no later than March 31.

LEGAL REF.: MGL Ch. 71:16B and Dudley-Charlton Regional School District Agreement

Adopted October 19, 1972

Amended January 8, 1997

Amended October 10, 2001

Amended February 27, 2013