Adoption Date: 10/5/1972, Revised: 7/8/1987; 4/24/2002, 1/9/2013
B - Board Governance and Operations

BG Formulation of Policies and Administrative Regulations

Formulation of Policies

The school committee, representing the people of the district, is the governing body, which determines all questions of general policy to be employed in the conduct of the public schools.

Proposals regarding school district policies and operations may originate at any of several sources: a parent, a student, a taxpayer, a professional employee, a member of the school committee, a clerk, the superintendent, a professional consultant, a civic group, etc. To permit time for study of all policies or amendment to policies and to provide an opportunity for interested parties to react, proposed policies or amendments will be presented as an agenda item to the committee in the following sequence:

1. Information item – distribution with the agenda
2. Discussion item – first reading of the proposed policy or policies. Committee discussion and directions for any redrafting.
3. Action item – discussion, adoption or rejection.

Adopting new policies, amending or deleting existing policies is solely the responsibility of the school committee.

Any action on such proposals, whatever their source, is taken finally by the school committee in accord with its bylaws. The school committee shall take action on most matters upon the basis of recommendations presented to the school committee by the superintendent. The superintendent bases his/her recommendations upon the outcomes of study and upon the judgment of the professional staff and study committees.

The school committee shall have two independent readings of any proposed policy/revision to allow for input from interested parties. A vote shall be taken following the second reading for adoption. Only under emergency conditions will a policy be adopted on the first reading.

Adopted October 5, 1972
Amended July 8, 1987
Amended April 24, 2002
Amended January 9, 2013

Administrative Regulations

The school committee itself shall formulate and adopt administrative regulations only when specific applicable laws require school committee adoption in light of strong community attitudes, or probable staff reaction.

The school committee shall delegate to the superintendent the function of specifying required actions and designing the detailed arrangements under which the schools will be operated.

Such rules and detailed arrangements shall constitute the administrative regulations governing the schools. They must be in every respect consistent with the policies adopted by the school committee.

In the absence of applicable policy, the superintendent is authorized to establish needed regulations subject to later confirmation in policy, should the school committee so wish.


Adopted October 5, 1972
Amended April 24, 2002
Amended January 9, 2013