Adoption Date: 2/27/1991, Revised: 4/24/2002; 7/19/2012, 2/13/2013
B - Board Governance and Operations

BE Time and Place and Special Meetings

Time and Place

Regular meetings of the school committee will be held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month with the exception of July, August, November and December when the school committee will meet once each month. Meeting dates may be changed or meetings cancelled by a majority vote of the school committee. The chair may cancel a meeting when weather or other unforeseen events occur making the cancellation desirable, pursuant to the provisions of the Open Meeting Law.

The first meeting of the month will be held in the library of the Shepherd Hill Regional High School in Dudley, with the second meeting held in the library of the Charlton Middle School. The school committee will also schedule some of the meetings at other school buildings within the district. The meetings will begin at 7 p.m., and will adjourn no later than 11 p.m., unless otherwise voted.

Amended February 27, 1991
Amended April 24, 2002
Amended July 19, 2012

Special Meeting

Special meetings of the school committee may be called by the chair or by vote of the school committee at a regular meeting. Reasonable notice shall be given by the secretary of the school committee, stating the reason for which the meeting is called.

An emergency meeting may be called by the chair when immediate, non-delayed action is deemed by the school committee to be imperative.

No business shall be transacted at any special meeting of the school committee which does not come within the purpose set forth in the call for the meeting unless all members of the school committee are present and agree to the consideration of the additional item.

The place and time of any special meeting will be set by vote of the school committee, or by the chair when such a meeting is called without prior vote by the school committee.

Adopted January 13, 1972
Amended April 24, 2002
Amended February 13, 2013